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  1. As long as he stays healthy im fine with it
  2. Alonso and buehler. Although if all things were equal its obvioulsy belli and buehler. Help me?
  3. Seager and Anderson for me. help me out?
  4. I like Bieber as much as degrom. Dont think there willbea huge gap in wins between the two. Trouts the man. I dont do it! help me?
  5. 11 player keeper i currently have C- Sanchez CI- Mcneil 3B- Rendon Ss- Trea Turner Mi- Bichette OF- Betts,Judge, Ozuna, Merrifield Sp- Buehler, Flaherty got offered Will Smith & Bregman for Gary Sanchez & Ozuna. Owned Sanchez since his debut, so im growing tired of the regression. any thoughts would be appreciated
  6. Having a great spring again. Im seeing 30hr 40 doubles 20sb 100+runs.
  7. Whats everyones take on him this season? Leading off in a great lineup. I could see a bounce back to 2018 numbers.
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