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  1. As a Titans fan I would love it. But as a fantasy owner I would hate it
  2. I hope he lands in Baltimore. I am hearing alot of rumors to Tennessee though. Has a house here and his wifes studio is in Nashville.
  3. Looks like he has something to prove this yr. “What motivates me the most is I probably was the best receiver on the Titans roster last year, and I was playing like 10 plays a game,” Wright said, via Kevin Fishbain of Pro Football Weekly. “That’s how it goes.” Wright, a first-round pick in 2012, doesn’t have an explanation for why he was phased out of the Titans’ lineup. “That’s a question I can’t (answer),” Wright said. “Ask them. They’ll feel it after this year.” Wright signed a one-year deal worth up to $4 million with the Bears in March.
  4. I dont get addicts. Especially marijuana addicts. I've been smoking ever since I was 14 in Middle school with the homies, but I can honestly say Im not an addict. I to could go cold turkey whenever I want, and I have too many times. I dont get how you really become a weed addict.
  5. Gus Bradley was a horrendeous coach for a long time. I am suprised it took them this long to fire him. My 2nd biggest concern was a) QB play. Bortles stats looked impressed a yr agk but those stats were very misleading. He's accuracy is scary bad, and his mechanics are terrible. I think their defense is good enough to give them atleast 5 wins this yr.
  6. Nothing to see here. Nothing serious. He'll be back on the field next week.
  7. Doubt they get Decker. They drafted another WR in the 2nd rd. But would love that move as a fan. Not so much as a fantasy owner.
  8. His durability at Oregon was never a question mark. But in the NFL he has had a hard time staying healthy. Maybe some bad luck but there's no reason why he shouldnt finish the season healthy this year especially what kind of line he has infront of him. But I think hes going to beast this yr.
  9. Mike Mularkey has already said that DeMarco looks better than he did last yr I know its only the OTAs but thats amazing.
  10. Coughlin is in the office now. Bortles better step up or he will be gone next yr or benched.
  11. Jaguars defense was ranked top 7. It wasnt bad at all last yr. The only issue is the QB and offense. Bortles just flat out stinks.
  12. Why is he doing the beating while the OT Tretola that is twice bigger than him watching.. this story is sketchy
  13. i see the Titans offense exploding this year. They were pretty good last yr. Hopefully Mariota stays healthy
  14. Alot of great highlights on tape. But also alot of drop balls.
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