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  1. As soon as he starts pitching gems I'm sure many of the people's injury concerns will fade away much more quickly. Might be the time to sell high in Dynasty/Keepers for someone of similar value with less risk.
  2. Hoping that means more of Jordan Holloway.
  3. Some guys with some big upside and have SP elig. Jordan Holloway (just got sent down after he K'd 3 in 2IP) Chris Rodriguez Ryan Weathers Luis Oviedo
  4. Widener used to be a fringe top 100 guy
  5. Paddack yet to throw a curve and it looks like the Diamondbacks are just sitting on his FB.
  6. Supposedly that's the plan. But I sure hope not what a waste of an arm.
  7. Chris Rodriguez from the Angels is filthy. Some nasty stuff, yeeesh.
  8. I haven't gone back and looked at all his injuries, but I'm not sure how true this is considering how the Dodgers have historically handled their staffs. I believe the Dodgers had reasons to limit his innings due to how his contract was written as well. If he surpassed X amount of innings he got a bump.
  9. I think I'd rather have Ozigbo for sure. Dare has played more snaps these past few weeks, but I really think that is because he fits the mold of the 3rd down, passing scat back more so than anything else. Asking Dare to be the lead dog is like asking James White to be the main back etc. In my my mind.
  10. Call me crazy, but I think I prefer him to Mostert. Snap % is even. He is getting more passing looks, and seems to be favored in the RZ. Am I missing something here? I guess the risk is small sample size w both on the field.
  11. As far next year Burkhead and White are both UFAs so getting him at value might be a pipe dream.
  12. I guarantee he'll play more this upcoming week. The question is how much. Prior to injury he was the clear lead dog. How much that matters now is TBD. I'm holding to see how things play out. Low floor, high ceiling play.
  13. The Pats back by committee system is maddening. They telegraph all their plays the second Harris and White are on the field. The only time anything is ever in question is when the put Burkhead in. The fact that Harris has performed under these circumstances is even more admirable. Upside is definitely capped until usages changes sadly. Which sucks, because I think Harris is a good player.
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