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  1. RB1 McCoy RB2 Thompson WR1 Cooper WR2 M. Thomas Flex I think I'd go with Thielen
  2. This is dumb. Fact: AP was a quality start this week.
  3. Hope y'all ignored this gentleman and started AP.
  4. Thanks for the help with mine. It's gotta McBe either McGuire or McFadden...I think I'd go with McFadden, just because the Zeke situation has offered no clarity over the last couple of days.
  5. Nobody knows. Go with your gut -- I'd go with Lutz.
  6. Never thought I'd say to start 2 backs from the same backfield...but in PPR you've gotta start Kamara, and Ingram is a better bet than the rest. Kamara, Ingram, Jones, final answer.
  7. Le'Veon Bell or Matt Breida? EDIT: HALF PPR
  8. 0.5 PPR: Who do I start at flex? RB Gillislee RB L. Murray RB Breida
  9. Really depends on the rest of your team. If your starting receivers are weak and you need the WR depth, I'd drop Rawls. If your backs are weak and need the RB depth, I'd go for Brown.
  10. https://www.ninersnation.com/2017/10/15/16478212/carlos-hyde-rumors-49ers-deny-trade-block-adam-schefter "49ers source tells Adam Schefter Carlos Hyde is not on the trade block."
  11. Going forward, I like DeMarco over Hyde for several reasons: one being Breida seems to be stealing more and more touches from Hyde and the other being Tennessee's schedule is starting to weaken over the next couple of weeks. That being said, I think Hyde's name alone holds more value than DeMarco's. Rather than a one-for-one, I'd look to see if I could pry something else away from the other owner in addition to Murray.
  12. If position doesn't matter, I'd say drop Collins and Murray. If you wanna drop one receiver and one back, I'd go Murray and Watkins.
  13. Oh lord you HAVE to accept that one - especially given Cooper is your WR3. Side note: is this a 4-team league or what? Bell, Julio, and Green on the same team? Crazy.
  14. "They" because we don't know who, if either, will get the majority of the carries. Point is, with the free agent pools usually loaded with talent in small leagues, backs from committee backfields wouldn't be on my team.
  15. Funchess - seems to be Cam's favorite target and Philly's secondary is WEAK.
  16. They probably don't even have to be owned in 8-team leagues. Golden Tate though...
  17. I like it a lot. Diggs give you the flexibility to actually bench Cooper if his struggles continue. The dropoff from Shady to Howard isn't sizable enough to not take this trade.
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