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  1. Going forward, I like DeMarco over Hyde for several reasons: one being Breida seems to be stealing more and more touches from Hyde and the other being Tennessee's schedule is starting to weaken over the next couple of weeks. That being said, I think Hyde's name alone holds more value than DeMarco's. Rather than a one-for-one, I'd look to see if I could pry something else away from the other owner in addition to Murray.

  2. 2 minutes ago, balotelli773 said:


    How many weeks would you play Golden Tate over Michael Thomas, Will Fuller, Larry FItzgerald, Thielien, or Amari Cooper (ok Cooper is in an exception)?


    Realistically...figured it was worth a gamble if they get Zeke-ish levels of production they'd definitely be ownable in 8 teamers.


    "They" because we don't know who, if either, will get the majority of the carries. Point is, with the free agent pools usually loaded with talent in small leagues, backs from committee backfields wouldn't be on my team.

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