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  1. 12-man, half-PPR league: I give: Rob Kelley Bilal Powell Mike Gillislee I get: Jay Ajayi Mark Ingram I feel like it's a steal. Thoughts?
  2. Coming from an Eagles fan, I think Dez will be better ROS.
  3. As much as it'd be sick to have a Kelce/Gronk TE/Flex duo, I don't think it's absolutely necessary for your team. You have a quality squad as is, and RB depth is too valuable to give away right now.
  4. As far as TE and QB, I'd stick with what you got. If I were you, I'd slot Lat Murray in over Kelvin - but that's just me.
  5. Agreed with above - I'd hold off on Doug.
  6. It's not terrible value because, having Cousins, losing Wentz is basically a non-factor. I wouldn't blame you for accepting to deepen your WR corps, but I think this is the absolute worst time to trade Gordon. His injury history is a little scary, yeah, but the workload is so tantalizing. Not to mention Gillislee has dropped off in recent weeks, and will constantly see competition from White, Burkhead, and even Lewis. I still think Gordon could be a top-5 back ROS.
  7. While it'd be a smart move to buy low on Mixon right now, offering DT straight up for him would be too much in my opinion. Either of the other 2 I'd take.
  8. Easily Ajayi and Powell. I'd wait on Dougie.
  9. I'd go with Ebron. Bennett doesn't seem to be a huge part of the GB offense.
  10. I'd say start Engram, but Philly's D is underrated and pretty damn good. I'd start Cook at TE and Coleman at the flex - though I could see why someone would slot in JJ Nelson over Coleman.
  11. If DeMarco sits, Henry. If Howard sits and DeMarco plays, Cohen. Everybody's playing? Cohen.
  12. It's pretty good value for Jordy, but I wouldn't make the trade based on the RBs you have behind Montgomery.
  13. If it's PPR, Fitz and Jameis. Otherwise Parker and Jameis.
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