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  1. I'd rather have the Bell side, but that's a matter of opinion. If there wasn't collusion, it shouldn't have been vetoed. If you know the commissioner personally, go to him/her.
  2. In a half-PPR league, who do you value more going forward: Alshon Jeffery or T.Y. Hilton? I'm thinking of dishing out Jeffery for Hilton straight up. I think now may be the best time to trade Alshon, coming off last week's performance. He's a solid WR2 but T.Y.'s ceiling is much higher. I've heard the Luckless Hilton narrative and I'm not completely sold - it would be an investment for later in the season. Thoughts? Am I dumb? EDIT: 12 man league, team below: QB Cousins, Winston RB Gordon, Cook, Gillislee, Coleman, Powell WR Jeffery, Adams, Sanders
  3. I meant for Murray and OBJ. Absurdly low, yeah. But not a bad place to start. Like I said, if he's super low on DeMarco he might bite for something below value.
  4. Zeke, easily. He's the better, more proven back, who you could probably get for cheaper right now.
  5. If he's really low on Murray, a package consisting of McCaffrey and Adams wouldn't be a bad place to start.
  6. I'd drop Kamara. Rodgers only has a couple more weeks as the "feature back," but he's been darn good when he gets the rock. This notion that he's useless when Dougie gets back is, I think, overplayed too.
  7. Still confused about who's getting who. But I'd rather have Julio.
  8. Tate is the best player in the deal currently. If you're betting on upside, Henry could easily end up better at season's end. Personally, I'd take the Henry side because Dak and Charles are useless.
  9. I'd also want more for DJ. This guy will win some leagues late for teams that can hold out while he's injured.
  10. You should definitely pick him up, and it looks like Marshall is the odd man out.
  11. Rodgers - you know he's gonna get the workload.
  12. I'd consider slotting Gillislee in the flex over Cooks. It's a toss up - think Cooks has the higher ceiling but Gillislee is a safe bet for a TD or 2.
  13. I'd stay put. Kelce has insane value at the TE position and is not easily replaced.
  14. Agreed with above. In a 12-man, you're trotting out a championship lineup as is. If you need help anywhere, it's at TE - Ertz is great for the value. EDIT: That is, I would try to work a trade for Ertz, EDIT: if possible.
  15. No way, especially if the Demarco owner wants Henry badly. Make him pay up for the cuff, or just stash Henry as he might be the starter later this year.
  16. You have 2 top 5 receivers already, plus you're not nearly as deep at RB as you are at WR. If you're gonna make a move, I'd suggest shooting for Gronk or Kelce. Otherwise, I don't see how you lose with your current lineup.
  17. Half-PPR: Mike Gillislee or Tevin Coleman, rest of season. Who ya got?
  18. Yeah, it's a garbage offer no matter how you look at it. That being said, can't hurt to offer it...
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