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  1. Two weeks ago this trade would've seemed ludicrous. But having seen Cook's workload, knowing Shady's history along with the ineptitude of Buffalo's offense, this seems fair to me. I'd still try to get more, based on McCoy's name alone.
  2. Safe bet is Sammy Watkins. Been reading that Howard is questionable - if he ends up not playing, obviously slip Cohen in there.
  3. Yeah, I think Cook > Fournette going forward. And the WR comparison isn't close.
  4. If it's gotta be 2, sit Gurley. But if you can, find a way to start all 3!
  5. I'd try to move Gronk instead of a RB, if at all possible. He's got insane value and you have an underrated PPR monster in Ertz to fill in. Your WR are already fantastic once OBJ gets back, though.
  6. I'd start Garcon - you know he's gonna get the looks.
  7. I'm in the same boat. Think I'm gonna ride it out for another week. If he throws up another dud, Cook and Clay look enticing. It's tough because you gotta think his numbers will improve when Luck gets back - if you have the team to wait it out.
  8. The only way you'd win this trade is if McCoy went on IR before Sunday's game. No, don't do it.
  9. If it's a PPR league, I'd shoot for Tyrell Williams - he saw a bunch of targets last week. If it's a standard league, I'd probably stick with Ingram.
  10. Yeah, Crowell and Rodgers will see the biggest workloads.
  11. Agreed with above. Losing Hogan for Rawls is fine, if you can get Carson it's a plus.
  12. At half PPR settings, which WR would you rather have ROS?
  13. Most of you scoffed last time I put a Bell trade up here - I'm doing it again. Just wanna hear your thoughts. EDIT: 12-man, half PPR Bell Tyrell Williams Austin Hooper Gurley Greg Olsen Kelvin Benjamin Which side wins?
  14. Given your RB depth (Hyde and Lynch could fill in very nicely for Hunt), I think it's a decent trade for you. You sold low on Garcon, but Evans is a huge asset.
  15. Agreed with above. If there's immediate value on the waiver wire, go ahead and drop him. If you can afford to, though, I'd hang onto DMC for now - in case this suspension appears later in the season or in the event that Zeke goes down with an injury.
  16. Yeah, wouldn't overthink this one - gotta be Watkins.
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