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  1. 12-man, 0.5 PPR Tevin Coleman AP Jordan Matthews Tyrell Williams I've had Coleman slotted in the flex since the draft, but recently been leaning AP or even JMatt? WHIR, post links
  2. If I'm you I accept that and immediately try to flip Thomas for a high-end RB1.
  3. I'd be tempted to start Delanie Walker at the flex. Either way, OBJ is out.
  4. Yeah I'd do it based on your WR depth.
  5. Tough one - the Hyde to Ingram drop is pretty significant given the uncertainty in the New Orleans backfield. I think I'd pass based on the fact that your current wideout depth >>> your RB depth.
  6. I figured Crowell is a serviceable replacement at RB, and Martin could be a flex option when he returns. Hilton is obviously an upgrade over either of my receivers, and I could throw one of them in the other flex spot.
  7. 12-man, half PPR: Thinking of trading Bell to upgrade my WRs and overall depth. Potential trade -- I give Bell, Tyrell Williams, I get T.Y. Hilton, Crowell, and Dougie Martin. He is currently considering the trade. If he rejects it I am thinking of tossing in AP. Thoughts? QB Cousins Winston RB Bell Gordon T. Coleman AP Jamaal Williams WR Jeffery Adams Sanders J. Matthews T. Williams TE Doyle Hooper DEF Buf K Sturgis
  8. It's difficult to gauge at this point what each of their workloads will be. I'd stay put.
  9. He's got arguably 5 RB1s and 5 WR1s. Hard to get better depth than that.
  10. 12-man, half PPR league: How much out of a $300 budget to drop on Jamaal Williams? QB Cousins RB Bell Gordon T. Coleman AP Sims WR Jeffery D. Adams Sanders J. Matthews T. Williams TE Doyle Hooper DEF BUF K Lutz
  11. Honestly wouldn't touch the squad you have - championship caliber.
  12. That's a tough one. You know Anderson's gonna get looks, but look at his QB. Coleman's backing up Freeman but we know he gets a handful of touches. I'd roll with Coleman until we see Anderson can actually produce.
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