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  1. I should mention this is a keeper league (Bell 2nd rd 2016).
  2. It's not often you find a suitable deal for Bell - I'd make this trade if I were you. edit:
  3. Hill for sure. It's a toss up between the other 2 - I'd take ARob. edit:
  4. I wouldn't make this trade. Bennett is too much of a question mark. Gronk's health is, as well, but we all know his upside.
  5. I'd prefer Big Ben/Reed over Winston/either of those TEs.
  6. 12-man, half PPR league: Someone recently dropped Jamaal Williams - I'm thinking of dropping Sims for Williams because Jamaal is closer to the starting role (especially when Muscle Hamster returns). Thoughts? Keep Sims or drop for Williams? Post your links, WHIR. QB Cousins RB Bell RB Gordon WR Jeffery WR Adams TE Doyle WR/RB Sanders FLEX Coleman K Lutz DEF Buffalo BN Winston BN Hooper BN AP BN J. Matthews BN Sims BN T Williams
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