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  1. Thought for sure he was gonna be solid. Could be pressing, since none of the Cubs bats are tearing it up at the moment.
  2. Michael Kopech & myself thank you Mr Vaughn!!
  3. I did, when he was with the legend Harry Carey!!
  4. I think its worth taking a chance on Hiura, so you can also pick up Mercedes. Hiura's last 5 games he has gone 4-16, with a HR & SB. Could be a chance he is starting to see the ball better.
  5. Rodon saved my day, with Berrios struggling earlier!!!
  6. Being a 10 team league, I agree that you should have some options. I would go for it! Good luck!
  7. Is Kluber the only drop you have? I understand he isn't going to be the Kluber who used to dominate, but feel he still has some in the tank. But, can't argue the potential Mize has.
  8. Solid SP staff. I think you could make that deal for Freeman & company. Beiber & Kershaw give you 2 SP1, while Bundy, Anderson, & whichever SP you get in return, should help you out at 3-5.
  9. Just depends on what the needs are & how your league is set up. If you need SP, I like getting Gallen. If you have Gallen & are deep at SP, but need a bat, then getting McMahon in return is probably pretty fair. Depending what site you use, McMahon could have dual eligibility (ESPN:1b, 2b, 3b) & will hit in COL half the season.
  10. Who are your other SP? If you have a good group of SP, then I would probably make the deal, since you are upgrading 1b or CI spot with Freeman, while also getting a decent SP & SS in return. If I have to pick 1, I lean Mize, then Carlos.
  11. Merryweather has been put on the 10-day IL. Depending on # of IL spots, this may allow you to pick up Votto, without dropping anyone.
  12. Last few years, the team who has won the league, had a good amount of pitching. But even then, each team in the league has a different view on how to compete, as it could go either way. I may see how those FA OF's do the next few games & also hope that Snell bounces back in his next outing. Thanks!
  13. never played in a dynasty league, but looking at the players involved, I feel like you may be giving up too much. Especially if you are trying to win this year. Soto is the best player in the deal, but Tucker & Walsh are no slouches either. If you are not in contention this year, then I think I like your counter-offer, since you should have Eloy back next year. But if in possible contention, then I may hold onto Tucker/Walsh. Definitely wait for other Dynasty owners to respond & they may ask for your team, as well as league make up.
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