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  1. Cool it guys! Want to talk back & forth, do it through PM.
  2. Brown, if Akers is out. Dillon if GB sits Jamaal this week. Would stick with LAR for def. GL!
  3. Run a playoff where you can use a player only 1 time during entire playoffs. PPR. Qb, 2rb, 2wr, flex, te, def, k. Example: if you use Rodgers week 2 & Mahomes week 3, & both QB's make the SB, then you are in a tough spot & have to hope a back up gets in. But it's fun trying to think of different strategies. Some will use only NFC QB's for WC, Div Rd, & Conf Champ, then have the AFC QB for the SB, or vice versa.
  4. I lean Gage. ATL gonna have to throw. Next would be Hooper, since CLE has no WR. GL!
  5. I lean HOU, but the LAR aren't a bad option, even though they struggled vs NYJ. GL!
  6. I would consider starting Hock at TE, then Logan at flex over Diontae. Def, I like MIA. GL!
  7. I lean Moss, as NE run def is so so. Think he has a safe floor. My ceiling player is Tee. Boyd is out & HOU can be thrown against. Would love to have a healthy K Allen, but he burned us last week & only practiced Friday. Hard to trust. GL!
  8. I think Wilson has a safe floor & if a close match up, would lean him. If chasing, I like Aiyuk, then Kittle. Could be a lot of running between SF & DAL. GL!
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