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  1. I like KAT and SGA. KD and PG are awesome talents but they miss a lot of games for elite players. I'd go KAT and SGA. Dropping Dimes as far as your question I would prefer Poeltl over noel ROS.
  2. It's a category league. I'm receiving Tatum and Sabonis for my Paul and Ayton. I think I got the better end of this deal.
  3. I like this trade for you. I think Dame will be more productive and play more games than Kyrie. Plus I think KPJ surprises people when he returns
  4. #3 would be a steal. (throw in something else) otherwise I also like #5 and # 2 (add something to get a deal)
  5. I think cole has more upside plus I haven’t read any time table on when millsap will return.
  6. White, nance, Wright (more competition since injury)
  7. Offered Tatum or Ingram plus Sabonis for Paul and Ayton what do you think? Head to Head 10 team league
  8. Was offered one or the other for Chris Paul which would you take ?
  9. 12 team categories (FTM, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO) Currently I am in 7th he is in 1st. I've dealt with a lot of injuries and COVID rescheduling. He really wants Ayton and Kemba from my team. He made a few offers mostly including Westbrook and bench guys, though I would like Siakam or Middleton. Am I reaching if I ask for Siakam and Westbrook for those two or am I giving up too much. Any advice would be appreciated. Top 6 make playoffs. which I'm currently 1 GB of 6th and 7 GB of 1st. My Team PG Kemba SG Jaylen Brown G Ben Simmons F Duncan Robinso
  10. I agree Vuc is a stud. You definitely get the best player in the deal.
  11. Got a few good options there. Personally I would go with Barnes or Hunter as the best chance for a decent line. I like Boucher and Bazley but their more volatile.
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