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  1. As a Jeffress owner, yesterday couldn’t have been much better. Gets an easy save against the heart of a potent Reds lineup in game 1 and then Kimbrel implodes in game 2. Little doubt on who gets next opp.
  2. I know we've all been burned by this guy in the past, but two steals in the last 3 days and nary a bump? Bump, I say, BUMP!
  3. I have Luzardo, he’s got Mondesi. 10 team roto. I am 8th in steals without much help coming. I have Berti for steals, Hiura can swipe a few as well, and Danny Santana will be my 1B when he’s off IL so hopefully he steals some bags, but other than that nobody that will make a difference. I have a good staff with Buehler, Gray, Hendricks, Woodruff, Gallen, Luzardo, Lamet, Bassitt. Pretty high up there in all pitching categories. Best arms on WW are probably - Yarbrough, Houser, Desclafani, Bielak. He has a great offense and is first in steals by a mile with
  4. Anyone have insight on John Gant getting a save today for St. Louis? What was the situation that made Hicks pitch an inning or so before to one batter?
  5. Barnes coming in in the 7th for Red Sox right now
  6. I know it hasn't been mentioned, but I think I would drop Lauer and make that my stream spot. 33 starts is a lot so you want to add one a day pretty much until the end of next week, I would stream that spot and keep my offense the way it is. Doesn't seem like there is a lot of talent out there in terms of bats on the WW and Senzel should be up soon. You drafted him for a reason, you don't want to lose out on someone who should be helping you in 3 weeks just to possibly win this week.
  7. 10-team H2H most categories So the Jose Ramirez owner must be overreacting early on, as he just offered me: His Jose Ramirez and Brandon Nimmo for My Justin Verlander and Tommy Pham Do I do this deal? I know I would be getting consensus 3rd overall pick but I don’t need Nimmo at all and losing Verlander would realllly hurt my staff big time. IMO my offense is also really good. I’m not sure, help! C Sanchez 1B Voit 2B Merrifield 3B Shaw SS Hampson INF Odor INF Devers OF JD Martinez OF Judge OF Hoskins
  8. I never monitor spring numbers much, but this guy is striking out just about 18 per 9 right now??!!? That's absurd. Wishing I had more shares
  9. Honest question - if you're someone upset about people wanting Garrett Hampson to have playing time and complaining about the prospect of him not receiving said playing time, why are you in the Garrett Hampson thread? Unless of course you're a Pat Valaika or Mark Reynolds owner, then I understand the frustration.
  10. The Rockies will never cease to annoy me. Mark Reynolds will be on the OD roster - has to effect Hampson in some way, that's another bat in the rotation.
  11. Scratched with a cold from his minor league game today - probably because he's on his way back to the White Sox to be ready for opening day! One could hope.
  12. Bird going for elbow x-ray after HBP *insert Jack Nicholson nodding gif here*
  13. I honestly did not check that - I guess not so bold. I appreciate your first post being on me! Welcome
  14. Rhys Hoskins leads the NL in RBI (bold because Nolan Arenado)
  15. It's tough to say who will be available at #12 because with so many keepers its hard for me to gauge the talent available. I would keep Winker though. See a lot of flaws in Profar and some luck in his numbers, whereas I believe Winker is a stud ESPECIALLY in a points league. Profar's most valuable in categories where he chips in everywhere. I would definitely keep Winker.
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