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  1. this is misleading, the other save was the day after kenley went 1.2 innings in the evening with a day game the next day. More likely a committee than 1 job.
  2. I've said this before but I don't think dodgers are always going to use one guy and one guy only...kenley should get some more saves, but they're an analytical org and kenley isn't nails like he used to be. Lot of good relievers in this pen, and victor g a lefty. spring training, there was a quote from roberts about kenley being the guys "on opening day" and that they like a lot their relievers in the end game...i sold kenley that day I read it haha. Plus playoff usage already had me spooked.
  3. ...make the space. Dude’s upside is as high as sp1, he was shutting down lineups in the playoffs.
  4. I thought it was Mayers szn tho according to this thread 🤡 (he did look awesome)
  5. i think they're a better hitting team without mondesi LOL. I'm only about 25% trolling. Mondesi is a horrid bat but has wheels and defense. I was just commenting about stats so far, I do not think they are good. Michael A Taylor might be a decent player though, compared with the JAG he's always been. Won't be surprised if he is a JBJ like dude putting up 2 or 3 war with full AB and swing change.
  6. I also think the royals are bad, but the bats have been good this year so far. Agree about workhorse SPs, love dudes like Lynn and Minor this year when young babied guys like Stix McKenzie will be lucky to get 5 innings in a start.
  7. Ozuna definitely the best player, pull the trigger and don't look back. There will be more saves on the wire.
  8. kike ruins it for us watching Boston, 4 run lead...still no save opportunities yet on the szn
  9. Josh Donaldson, dude gets hurt on the first at bat are you f***ing kidding me. Adam Duvall, lumbering oaf just like Bruce.
  10. Devenski warming up for the 9th inning in a 5-4 ballgame.
  11. Barnes 2 ip 4K, looked dominant. Probably see ottavino next, game is in extras.
  12. Have you ever seen a Chaz Roe slider? But I definitely agree those are the top 2 dogs.
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