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  1. Hi it’s me, I own both of these polished turds in dynasty. Yolo as for risk/reward, yeah they are cheap and have k upside. id rather have bad pitchers who can ring up the Ks than bad pitchers with prospect hype (cough, Dylan cease)
  2. This is the second worst take I've seen on ROTOWORLD/NBC SPORTS EDGE. I couldn't give you #1` because there was a guy who posted a ton in 2019-2020 NBA season about how Lebron James has ruined every franchise he has played for.
  3. Just as insane, he averaged 99 mph last year http://www.brooksbaseball.net/velo.php?player=594798&time=month&startDate=03/30/2007&endDate=02/24/2021&s_type=2
  4. Even with this positive early news, he's been a guy that people in my dynasty league have zero interest in giving anyone of value for...I will be stuck bagholding (or reaping the rewards), it looks like. In my other dynasty and keeper leagues, people appear to be tepid as well, much like the prevailing sentiment ITT.
  5. People hate change. I hated fantrax and didn’t want to learn the new ui/ux in the beginning when we merged over. I was fine with dealing with spreadsheets and weak database. But from personal experience it is worth being thrown in the deep end and griping about things for a couple weeks. Do what you gotta do, def not looking down on people using other platforms for their dynasties. Just think being open to change is a good idea.
  6. Not a redraft player at all and probably overrated in dynasty. Is he gonna keep c with time even? Kelly will be starter this year at C. Varsho is gonna struggle to regular ABs, may start year in AAA.
  7. if you're doing a casual 10 or 12 team redraft league, you can get away with the other guys. But if you're playing keeper and dynasty leagues, just bite the bullet and learn and get used to fantrax...it's really worth it. I used to do espn + spreadsheets for a dynasty league (because the database is so weak, lol), but you will still be really frustrated when a guy gets called up to play and espn doesn't add them to their database for days even though the guy is playing.
  8. have played all major platforms. cbs - too pricy for paid option. good database. ok ui/ux espn - weak on player database, good ui/ux yahoo - weak on player database, position eligibility is usually too liberal. good ui/ux. Stick to fantasy football/basketball/hockey with them. fantrax - strongest player data base, best customization, free + paid options, paid cheaper than cbs, free still has good customization. Weaker ui/ux but best platform anyways by a mile, plus you'll learn it and it's not so bad. fleaflicker - garbage.
  9. this guy is just solid, plays more than most catchers, chips in everywhere, doesn't tank the ratios. About as underrated a player irl and fantasy as there can be. Not expensive at ADP 154, if I miss vasquez, i like sean murphy and james mccann a little later.
  10. Cron's a lot better than bird. They are both deep league picks/late round fliers, so might as well back the guy who has proven to be a major league quality first baseman over the past few years.
  11. quick hits. most of these guys will not be that relevant, but that's the call of the questions...for deep leagues and watching... ronald guzman - dominican winter league mvp, might get traded or might otherwise beat out lowe/calhoun chad pinder - opportunity with semien and others leaving, has flashed power before rio ruiz - probably sucks but also has opportunity with baltimore having no other 3B coming up. has power and has had good streaks. cj cron/renato nunez - see if they sign anywhere to get regular PT, power bats jacoby jones - quietly good last year michael
  12. Judging by current sentiment, he's now underrated.
  13. cleveland indians are a big time loser franchise. gold standard.
  14. Try getting devers with something else...they gotta back the brinks truck up for lindor...
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