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  1. If u can’t handle him at his worst, ynoa u don’t deserve him at his best
  2. Tell you what, Cavan is 26 and we can go ahead and put him down too.
  3. I think he makes the hall, he’s like a better version of nfl’s Terrell Davis (without a ring though yet) and kinda like Sandy Koufax. He’s got a 2.585 career era. Why on earth would we try and gate keep one of the clear best pitchers of this era from the hall? Pitchers don’t pitch the same innings so historical benchmarks like wins and Ks have to change with time imo...
  4. He cleanly navigated that inning with one charged error and another error (imo) on a routine grounder that was ruled an infield single. Actually looked good despite the lack of velocity, that dead fish change up is a good pitch!
  5. Disappointed, I came here to see people mad about price in the 9th inning and crickets
  6. He lost a couple miles per hour off his fastball last year which has continued into this year, and his command is just a disaster now.
  7. pat corbin needs to have his final meal (meatballs) and be put down
  8. graveman looks elite as a reliever compared to the middling starter he was. Got the save with ease, pumping 98s and 99s casually.
  9. didn't take long for grish to show us he's the power/speed guy we thought he was
  10. He didn’t look that good today tbh, the rox are just horrible.
  11. All of my pitchers are VICIOUS ASSEATERS...they just can’t get enough
  12. yeah barnes has looked amazing, i don't think he's given up a run through spring or the start of the season plus tons of Ks.
  13. graveman looks a hell of a lot different as a relief pitcher. zach britton was a pretty garbage starter and when he turned to relief, he put up some great seasons for the orioles.
  14. According to statcast, Biggio's current garbage production is actually outperforming the quality of the balls he's actually put into play... He has a .124 xBA LOL. Sometimes it's a good idea to sell a player low, I wouldn't want to be bagholding this.
  15. A 3-5 dollar bid isn't gonna get him, lol.
  16. [...] that’s one of the highest leverage situations possible...
  17. Watched whole game, he looked unbelievable. Good slider too and was throwing strikes all night. I’m very excited about him. Think he will stick in the rotation even when Soroka is back.
  18. did not know this guy had 100 mph in him. He looks great. Don't care what his final line is today, this is an arm talent.
  19. Exactly the kind of guy I want to buy low on, and exactly the kind of guy I would hold with no concerns and tell people trying to buy low to **** off.
  20. This was prime kenley tonight. Yeah I don’t think we’re going to see taxing usage either. Will probably see a victor Gonzalez save or two just to keep people in a frenzy if it calls for a lefty in the 9th, and a few other Knebel, but I think it’s a committee with kenley getting the most.
  21. Kenley is hitting 95 on a two seam and 94 on a cutter. He doesn’t look toast.
  22. Not the first person to say this. Staumont is filthy and we know it, doesn’t look like KC is running a traditional closer type of gig.
  23. this is misleading, the other save was the day after kenley went 1.2 innings in the evening with a day game the next day. More likely a committee than 1 job.
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