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  1. nice to know over half of the yahoo fantasy population play in clown leagues
  2. Rogers is good, but I don't think Colome is dead either.
  3. Exxon Valdez has sprung a minor leak but it takes more than one blown save to sink it.
  4. sounds like your first wife went 2-40
  5. u don't deserve him if u can't handle a 2-40 stretch
  6. Throwing 97 mph still. He isn’t getting the results he wants out of his change up, apparently. Wouldn’t cut bait or sell low. Would buy low.
  7. Solid pitcher, gave a very intelligent interview in game re differences as a pitcher being out of Coors. Seems like a Hendricks type.
  8. Narrator: cutting bait was a biggie
  9. Team is 11 for last 83 (.132) with 0 hr, losers
  10. 12 run red sox and 0-5 from Renfroe, you horrific asseater! i don't bitch about injuries often as it's part of the game, but having losers like kevin kiermaier, travis shaw, and hunter renfroe filling in for all-star talent is hurting team morale.
  11. My man Hawk is taking an L in this thread for his springer news, but this L is relatively minor compared to the Hall of Fame / Mount Rushmore of Rotoworld NBC Sports Edge Ls: 1. “Lebron James has ruined every franchise he’s ever played for” guy 2. “deGrom should be traded for McKenzie Gore, but Padres would say no” guy 3. “vlad is fat and doesn’t have a swing for the major leagues” guys
  12. PRAYER CIRCLE: 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ Springs in 🕯️ the 9th inning 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️
  13. I'm gonna bite into a big hunk of cheese like it's an apple!
  14. Fairbanks and Kittredge and Springs
  15. 4. Dealer’s Choice (MIN) – Taylor Rogers (43 pitches) and Tyler Duffey (24 pitches) have pitched in two straight while Hansel Robles threw 27 pitches yesterday. The Twins don’t have Thursday off, either. from closer monkey. I think that Alex Colome will get the opportunity if there is one tonight.
  16. scratched - lat issue. No idea how long he will be out, this start had been moved already. I don't think this is a new ailment.
  17. COVID IL - vaccine side effects. There is no minimum stay on Covid IL. He takes the mound v. San Diego this weekend. Likely a procedural move, get an extra player for double header and the next couple days. I don't personally know anybody who had vaccine side effects for more than 2 days. I had minor side effects for 1 day.
  18. Really stupid move. He looked like a solid #3 or 4 kind of rotation arm that could eat 5 or 6 innings per start. Why on earth do you mess with that?
  19. He had one great start but this guy often starts his counts 1-0 then 2-0...I don’t trust him even a little, he is usually inefficient and can’t pitch deep into games because of it. This start is your opportunity to get out. lol.
  20. The kirilloff for al Roy has nothing to do with performance so far and everything to do with his prospect prestige. but these 3 hr in the past two days are nice!
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