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  1. You clearly didn’t pay attention to this thread, lot of merryweather love.
  2. He skips Colorado some years because of a health condition. He went 1.2 last game. That said I don’t think jansen is gonna necessarily close every game this year based off playoff usage last year and spooky Padres.
  3. Ottavino in a 3-10 game and gives up a run, Barnes szn
  4. Before anyone freaks out about raisel, he’s pitched in back to back games, and that’s why Guerra is in. Guerra is no threat to his job. of course raisel owners hate that they put him in a non save situation yesterday so he couldn’t be here today.
  5. You’re pretending 2020 didn’t happen and pretending that he didn’t have a fire spring training with development of his change up too. Zero point in taking a talented arm that has worked in the starting rotation with considerable additional upside and putting him in the bullpen. But let’s not derail this thread further.
  6. Elieser is too good to put in the pen. Come on.
  7. this whole discussion is ridiculous, scott is a very talented arm and they trust him, the closer is not always the guy with the sexiest strikeout rate or the most gifs on the pitching ninja's twitter. Ottavino had a few years where he was obviously the best guy in the pen but was a set up guy. Very well could be another committee scenario in baltimore, just think valdez should have our attention.
  8. check offseason closer thread, I did predict this. but on the otherhand, the news about valdez getting stretched out to throw multiple innings is also why people were not all over this too. i even dropped valdez after reading that stuff. Ugh. haha.
  9. reddit.com/r/fantasybaseball, reddit.com/r/baseball, google, twitter, and this board.
  10. Kevin Gausman looks like an ace to me. He's also in a 1 year deal and I do not think he will be babied this year because of it. Should have plenty of opportunities to pitch late in games which I don't think many starters will have this year.
  11. 5 seconds on google or twitter would show you it's a 10 day IL for shoulder fatigue, no MRI being done.
  12. Diego is a veteran in this pen, he's also really good. I'm not surprised he got the first save. Pete will get some saves too. Watch the save situation today (if there is one) go to Chaz Roe though, unironically, because he didn't pitch yesterday and both Pete and Diego did.
  13. I recommend everyone bookmark Baseball Press daily lineups.
  14. Meme me if Teheran is trash. He's averaging 92 mph in spring. link Last he averaged 92 mph was 2014-2017 link , those seasons he had an era of 2.89, 4.04, 3.21, and 4.49 respectively. This spring, 5.52 ERA, 0.89 WHIP, .176 BAA, and 18:4 K:BB in 14.2 innings. Obviously if you play in a ten team league, you can ignore this for now.
  15. blessing in disguise, you can put someone in your lineup now who will get an OBP over .300.
  16. It’s the standard deviation of launch angles, read more here: https://fantasy.fangraphs.com/lets-talk-about-launch-angle-tightness/ https://sixmanrotation.com/general/dhh-meets-launch-angle blast %, read here: https://fantasy.fangraphs.com/blasts-a-subset-of-barrels/
  17. Statcast backs up the sound off the bat. Only judge, Stanton, maybe Cruz and a couple others have that sound off the bat. Seems like he’s been more patient in spring. Huge upside here even acknowledging K risk.
  18. "Mateo has a hold of the job right now" -- ehhhhhhhhh...think you'll see more profar than mateo.
  19. including playoffs last year, 94.2 ip, 102k. 2.87 era, 9.7 k/9, 6.40 innings per start. You won't see many pitchers with those numbers going that deep into games. Someone like elieser hernandez (who I really, really like by the way), averaged 4.28 innings per start. Framber is a bona fide stud and should not be on the waiver wire in any leagues.
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