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  1. It wasn’t pretty but there are so many closers that would have walked some of the batters after the first two on, especially with some of the counts reaching 3 balls. The LD getting caught was fortunate, the fly balls don’t feel like luck. Takes more power to hit a 75 mph pitch out than a 95 mph. Wheels could def fall off but Valdez is not close to losing his job imo. I think Scott is nastiest arm in pen but the roles seem set.
  2. It’s a good change up that he throws very frequently. And he’s safely got the job for now anyways lol. Pretty clutch save today in a 3-2 game after giving up back to back singles to start the 9th. Unknown how long it can last but sagnof, and I think there are honestly worse closers right now haha
  3. it's not that clear cut, graveman is better but he's gonna also pitch some games in the 6th-8th inning in high leverage situations if the game calls for it. Check his usage.
  4. This guy is an absolute joy. 2 ip 4K and the hold today, can’t wait to see him get starting opportunities later this year and 2022.
  5. why are you guys even talking about orioles, exxon has this **** LOCKED. I think he easily survives 2 times s***ing the bed before I get concerned. Don't look at the radar gun and just chill.
  6. Why pretend like you know with certainly the situation in cincy? It’s a clusterf*** committee and maybe Doolittle has a chance too, for more than a one-off.
  7. yeah, getting a top 20 pitcher is a big boost. Dude was Ace with a capital A in the playoffs against the best teams and pitching deep into these games. To me, he's matchup proof.
  8. as april comes to an end, they say saves ain't got no face, but exxon valdez looks sexy to me right now anyways
  9. it would literally take 5 seconds to google "luis castillo fangraphs" or "luis castillo baseball reference" to see that you're full of s***. 2019 and 2020 were his best years too... https://www.fangraphs.com/players/luis-castillo/15689/stats?position=P
  10. staumont is nasty but wild. Detroit is embarrassing for having harold castro as a 2 hitter...dude swung through a really high fastball, clear ball 4...would have been two walks in inning instead of one, and more traffic. Credit to staumont but I think comparisons to hader are ridiculous despite the obvious raw stuff.
  11. This guy sucks. Sorry if you are still bagholding.
  12. you post this right after his bat has been showing signs of life. Against any non mookie outfielder, he has a heroic double in the 9th inning Saturday then he had a clutch 8th inning one Sunday. He's sucked but not ready to cut bait yet.
  13. Hype him up, that's fine, but McGee has been nails since last year. Sure it's possible that he starts to eat a**, but this last rough outing is on the heels of vaccine side effects and he's still got a clean era on the season. I wouldn't worry that much if I had McGee.
  14. If u can’t handle him at his worst, ynoa u don’t deserve him at his best
  15. Tell you what, Cavan is 26 and we can go ahead and put him down too.
  16. I think he makes the hall, he’s like a better version of nfl’s Terrell Davis (without a ring though yet) and kinda like Sandy Koufax. He’s got a 2.585 career era. Why on earth would we try and gate keep one of the clear best pitchers of this era from the hall? Pitchers don’t pitch the same innings so historical benchmarks like wins and Ks have to change with time imo...
  17. He cleanly navigated that inning with one charged error and another error (imo) on a routine grounder that was ruled an infield single. Actually looked good despite the lack of velocity, that dead fish change up is a good pitch!
  18. Disappointed, I came here to see people mad about price in the 9th inning and crickets
  19. He lost a couple miles per hour off his fastball last year which has continued into this year, and his command is just a disaster now.
  20. pat corbin needs to have his final meal (meatballs) and be put down
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