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  1. As a sox fan you should be thrilled. You got a #2 for a guy in A ball, and there's still 2.5 years control left. Espinoza is cool, maybe even elite, but go for the world series IMO.
  2. brutal. Never been a fan of AL/NL only for this reason...absolute chaos at trade deadline.
  3. I would absolutely take Rodgers or Devers though. Especially Rodgers.
  4. Robles is cool, but I don't think he's gonna bring the power for fantasy. I'm in an OBP/SLG league so power is heavily rewarded. Would bet money Eloy hits more homers than Robles in their respective MLB careers (crazy bet...both guys haven't even gotten to the MLB, but that's my sincere belief). A ton of Robles value is attributed to his defense. I think it is presumptive for you to call Robles a 5 cat fantasy producer. Also, Robles has struggled since moving to high A. Small sample, and obviously Eloy hasn't hit at that level yet. Gleyber, same thing, think he's likely
  5. I've learned my lesson not to obsess about BABIP in the minors. Good hitters will post crazy BABIPs. Know I'm probably too hype, but look at my posts ITT. It started with t100 next year which I thought was too conservative (it was). Then t50 this year, which also hit. I know a helium prospect when I see one. Want to be ahead of the curve on it. Truth be told someone offers me Gleyber Torres or Victor Robles straight up for Eloy in a trade, I probably reject it. Eloy's stock has three arrows pointing up.
  6. This might be insane, but given the amount of love he's getting from all the baseball writers right now, I have to value Eloy as a top 5-10 prospect. I know his market value isn't there yet, and that means I'll likely hold him, but I'm fine with that. Think about it -- what if the midseason lists came out after the futures game? He's certainly have been bumped even higher. And his hype is only just starting. Look at the jump Victor Robles made last year. Eloy is following a similar trajectory, although I think his tools are louder. Don't think I'd trade Eloy
  7. Crawford at BP said Eloy Jimenez was the most impressive prospect on display, more so than Moncada/Reyes.
  8. I liked what I saw in the futures game. His delivery reminds me of Felipe Rivero (I like Rivero, don't mean that as an insult). Will be interesting to see which final 5 pitchers end up in the Cincy starting rotation. Iglesias already sent to the pen. Reed, Garrett, Lamb, Desclafini, Finnegan? What about Robert Stephenson? Am I missing anyone?
  9. Sounds like a bunch of bologna, to be honest. Don't really give a **** about a scout's character evaluations.
  10. TINSTAAP in action? (I hate the acronym, because obviously there are pitching prospects...but that's the theory) It's not exactly true though, look at their drafts, they've signed a TON of pitchers. http://chicago.cubs.mlb.com/team/draft.jsp?c_id=chc&year=2016 I forgot Dylan Cease, he's another guy that's gotten some love. Just happens that they've hit on a ton of hitters in recent years.
  11. I've seen a little bit of love for Trevor Clifton and Oscar de la Cruz. Just not mega hype.
  12. #28 on Baseball Prospectus midseason top 50!
  13. http://www.twincities.com/2016/06/23/twins-first-rounder-signs-will-start-at-elizabethton/ He skipped the gulf coast league
  14. Don't wanna jump the gun here, cause it's an 18 year old with 6 games and 25 PA...but this guy flat looks like he can hit. 12.0 k% in the small sample, batting .391. Extreme small sample obviously...but I got more to suggest he can hit. This is a total puff piece, but I found this interesting: http://m.mlb.com/news/article/177437424/home-schooled-alex-kirilloff-a-top-draft-pick/ Not really surprising IMO that he's hitting already as an 18 year old...his whole life he's been playing vs. older competition. 18...looks like he has a good
  15. Did some digging on both Hoskins and Cozens. Apparently the home stadium in Reading is "a launching pad." The GM of the Phillies even questioned whether power numbers are legit from players there. look up the home/road splits, it is drastic.
  16. Realized I sound like a broken record, but this dude really needs to be owned in most dynasty formats.
  17. all star game MVP http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/jimenez-puts-charge-midwest-league-star-game/#HOuwIEGIi63TIQ5I.97 he's 19...almost guarantee he will be on midseason t50 lists...
  18. Jose Altuve was an undrafted free agent.
  19. I'm with you. I love finding under the radar guys. Baseball Prospectus can splooge over guys who are overrated as hell for fantasy while I'll find under the radar guys like Willie.
  20. Michael Halpern at Imaginary Brick Wall does fantasy rankings Willie was #43 in the preseason. This guy is legit, hit on Harrison Bader too. One of my friends from /r/fantasybaseball. http://www.imaginarybrickwall.com/2016-top-100-fantasy-baseball-prospect-rankings-1-100/
  21. His upside might be just as high or even higher than Cody Reed's. Reds have so many pitching prospects, it is nuts. Sucks for Iglesias owners though, who would have thought he'd head to the pen?
  22. We're still running ESPN, but we have a sweet spreadsheet that people can individually edit. A lot of work went into the tech specifics of getting the spreadsheet working the way it is right now, even has an add/drop transaction log. I tried fantrax a while ago and hated it. But I did hear they've improved the ui/ux a ton. We're on the fence about moving, probably won't just because how good the spreadsheet is and how familiar people are with ESPN. How is fantrax with foreign players? For example, do they have Shohei Otani, Shintaro Fujinami, Lourdes Gourriel Jr., Kevin
  23. think this is why you gotta use a spreadsheet or fantrax, personally. site limitations suck
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