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  1. Statcast backs up the sound off the bat. Only judge, Stanton, maybe Cruz and a couple others have that sound off the bat. Seems like he’s been more patient in spring. Huge upside here even acknowledging K risk.
  2. "Mateo has a hold of the job right now" -- ehhhhhhhhh...think you'll see more profar than mateo.
  3. including playoffs last year, 94.2 ip, 102k. 2.87 era, 9.7 k/9, 6.40 innings per start. You won't see many pitchers with those numbers going that deep into games. Someone like elieser hernandez (who I really, really like by the way), averaged 4.28 innings per start. Framber is a bona fide stud and should not be on the waiver wire in any leagues.
  4. C eligibility is not gonna happen lol
  5. His stat cast is very ugly and he’s moving down in the order.
  6. I’d like to revise my opinion on ty France. I think he’s got more power than the stat cast probably captures. Has hit some no doubt home runs, and has impressed in spring training. I am all in. Dude can hit.
  7. I like kike Hernandez who looks to be leading off for Boston. I like Brousseau in Tampa who seems to hit no matter the situation. He’s been tabbed a left specialist but still had a wrc+ over 100 vs rhp. Could play himself into more and more time. I like arrieta as a dead cat bounce. That whole Cubs rotation is interesting. Even Trevor Williams and alzolay as deep plays. All are looking good in spring, new mechanics and/or life to pitches. longoria in SF maybe not dead, good stat cast last year. Crowded IF though.
  8. I don’t judge managers for not naming 1 closer and 1 closer only. Tons of situations outside of the 9th inning up 3 or less to use your best relievers.
  9. Crick’s velocity is back up to 93. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/pirates-kyle-crick-shuts-down-orioles/
  10. Been following the Pitt closer situation, there was a quote about how they are more comfortable with Richard rodriguez in a set up role. And he hadn’t had the best spring either. I think he’s their best reliever but the tea leaves are pointing elsewhere right now.
  11. Only changes I see are crick and ottavino right now. Without getting into the rankings.
  12. Me IRL, as someone who has been stashing Ottavino
  13. Guzman's defense is considered by most to be better than Lowe's. Taveras, Gallo, and Dahl are the primary outfielders.
  14. He’s no longer starting opening day due to dead arm. I’m also a fan, but this news isn’t great.
  15. Yaz is a complete hitter, seems a threat to .900+ ops again. Absolutely underrated.
  16. LEGEND GOOGLE IT, then go to google image search to see Evan Fournier's smiling face!
  17. dominican winter mvp, new swing, looks good in spring training, is free or costs pennies in all leagues.
  18. Lowe prob saved by khris davis injury for now, but would rather have Guzman.
  19. https://nesn.com/2021/03/bobby-dalbec-would-not-mind-hitting-ninth-in-red-sox-batting-order/ For some, batting ninth is not ideal. Bobby Dalbec, however, is different. The 25-year-old infielder likely will be the No. 9 batter for the Red Sox to start the season after playing in 16 of Boston’s 60 games during Major League Baseball’s abbreviated 2020 season. And if that’s the case, he’s just fine with it. “I’ll hit wherever they want to put me. Hitting ninth is cool,” Dalbec said, per MassLive’s Christopher Smith. “I get to flip the lineup potentially. Just keep doing that. Hand i
  20. If they are looking at stat cast data for career norms (while using pine tar), then for a pitcher to keep using pine tar, that pitcher would likely go undetected.
  21. I want MLB to adopt the goose. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/goose-egg-new-save-stat-relief-pitchers/
  22. several problems with this team in a shallow 10 team league. 1. Don't roster two catchers. Heavy opportunity cost for a marginal position. You can safely drop TDA. 2. Favorite player or not, Miggy at this point in his career is a deep league play. Can nearly guarantee there's a better option on wire than Miggy in 10 teams. You can safely drop. 3. Benintendi also pretty bad in 10 teams and can probably safely drop. I don't know what categories are in 7x7, or what spots are available, but you look light on relievers. Only 2. Whether SVHD or SV i'd look to bolster that. Great ne
  23. castellanos is the best player in this deal, by sort of a significant margin.
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