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  1. Guzman's defense is considered by most to be better than Lowe's. Taveras, Gallo, and Dahl are the primary outfielders.
  2. He’s no longer starting opening day due to dead arm. I’m also a fan, but this news isn’t great.
  3. Yaz is a complete hitter, seems a threat to .900+ ops again. Absolutely underrated.
  4. LEGEND GOOGLE IT, then go to google image search to see Evan Fournier's smiling face!
  5. dominican winter mvp, new swing, looks good in spring training, is free or costs pennies in all leagues.
  6. Lowe prob saved by khris davis injury for now, but would rather have Guzman.
  7. https://nesn.com/2021/03/bobby-dalbec-would-not-mind-hitting-ninth-in-red-sox-batting-order/ For some, batting ninth is not ideal. Bobby Dalbec, however, is different. The 25-year-old infielder likely will be the No. 9 batter for the Red Sox to start the season after playing in 16 of Boston’s 60 games during Major League Baseball’s abbreviated 2020 season. And if that’s the case, he’s just fine with it. “I’ll hit wherever they want to put me. Hitting ninth is cool,” Dalbec said, per MassLive’s Christopher Smith. “I get to flip the lineup potentially. Just keep doing that. Hand i
  8. If they are looking at stat cast data for career norms (while using pine tar), then for a pitcher to keep using pine tar, that pitcher would likely go undetected.
  9. I want MLB to adopt the goose. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/goose-egg-new-save-stat-relief-pitchers/
  10. several problems with this team in a shallow 10 team league. 1. Don't roster two catchers. Heavy opportunity cost for a marginal position. You can safely drop TDA. 2. Favorite player or not, Miggy at this point in his career is a deep league play. Can nearly guarantee there's a better option on wire than Miggy in 10 teams. You can safely drop. 3. Benintendi also pretty bad in 10 teams and can probably safely drop. I don't know what categories are in 7x7, or what spots are available, but you look light on relievers. Only 2. Whether SVHD or SV i'd look to bolster that. Great ne
  11. castellanos is the best player in this deal, by sort of a significant margin.
  12. Springer, injured or not, is more valuable than Bohm. Springer and Randy.
  13. I didn't believe it either, but I think that this is not a new injury, just a new diagnosis. There's been reports of abdominal pain throughout camp.
  14. twitter and reddit.com/r/fantasybaseball are both quicker on breaking news than rotoworld. Excuse me, NBC EDGE.
  15. i have a murder's row of firefox tabs related to google search results for my players / players of interest. especially closer candidates. like to read baseball america and do my own fangraphs diving. Love all the information.
  16. If we're being real, steals don't count for 20% of mondesi's value. He's being drafted almost entirely for that reason, and the roster construction around him is probably reliant on him bagging a bunch.
  17. Pitcher defense is not worth 1-2 WAR lol
  18. I hope this one isn't true, because it would mean that the baseball season is only 80-100 games or something. No chance Ohtani wins MVP with only 5 combined WAR.
  19. only barely more relevant than the garlick thread but at least mateo is fast. You're right that PT is an obvious issue here -- padres already struggling to juggle ABs between kim, cronenworth, profar. Sure there will be injuries, but this is a pure watch list play even in deep leagues imo at this point.
  20. Early contender for most irrelevant player/thread of the year. (it's ok if you meme me for creating the flexen thread)
  21. "Being first to rush and pick up someone in a free for all league based on news isn't a fantasy skill." 💯 I will also add -- chucking garbage pitchers at the wall and streaming with reckless abandon isn't a fantasy skill either. Not as much a problem in categories leagues as points leagues, or in deeper leagues v. shallow leagues, but that's a fatal flaw in some leagues imo and every league needs to have transaction limits or innings limits. Imagine a 10 team points league with no transcation caps, you could draft zero pitchers and stream 6 or 7 every day and do better than a guy who
  22. I’ve made a lineup change in the middle of trial.
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