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  1. In my 10 Team Standard Scoring League, I was offered two separate trades for Derrick Henry. Trade A - I send: Derrick Henry I receive: Antonio Brown Trade B - I send: Derrick Henry I receive: Chris Godwin My lineup team as is follows - QB - Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray RB - Christian McCaffrey, Chris Carson, Derrick Henry, Austin Ekeler, Melvin Gordon, Miles Sanders, David Montgomery WR - Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, Allen Robinson TE - Darren Waller Would you make either of these trades in a standard scoring
  2. In my 12 Team H2H Points League, I was offered the following trade - I send - Carlos Carrasco I receive Khris Davis With Carrasco not having a timetable, it makes it difficult to value him for this year. He has been kept the last four years of my league. Davis’s value in points is usually lower because of -1 for K’s. However, I am looking for a power-hitting OF. Is this trade worth making? My team is in my signature. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. In my 12 Team H2H points league, I was offered the following trade by a pitching needy team - I send - Tanaka and Peacock I receive - Brantley I currently have Correa, Cruz, and Diaz on the DL. This would allow me to play Brantley at one of my two UTIL spots or an OF spot. However, I am worried about moving pitching; If I were to move both pitchers, that would leave me with Buehler, Carrasco, Flaherty, Marquez, Soroka, Bundy, Pivetta, Musgrove, and Alex Reyes. My RP are Hader, Yates, Pressly, and Trivino. In a points league, is it worth moving two
  4. I was offered the following in my 12 Team H2H Points - I send: Caleb Smith, Shane Bieber, Jon Gray, and Fernando Tatis Jr. I receive: Masahiro Tanaka, Andrew Benintendi, Gleyber Torres, and Joe Musgrove My current SP are - Buehler, Flaherty, Carrasco, Marquez, Soroka, Smith, Bieber, Peacock, Gray, Bundy, and Pivetta Would I be giving up too much pitching in this deal? Benintendi would slide in as one of my OF and Gleyber would be my 2B or UTIL (we start two UTIL). Any thoughts on this trade would greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  5. In my 12 H2H points league, I was offered the following trade - I send: Caleb Smith, Mike Soroka, Fernando Tatis Jr. I receive: Andrew Benintendi, Joe Musgrove, Gleyber Torres This is a five player keeper league. My current roster is as follows C - Chirinos, 1B - Voit, 2B - Chavis, 3B - Arenado, SS - Correa, OF - Pham, OF - Markakis, OF - Kepler, UTIL - Guerrero Jr, UTIL - Diaz SP - Carrasco, Buehler, Flaherty, Smith, Soroka, Bieber, Marquez, Martin, Peacock, Bundy, J. Gray RP - Hader, Yates, Pressly, Urias Bench - Choo, Rodgers, Hiura, DL
  6. In my 10 Team PPR 2QB Deep Keeper (Keep 20) I was looking to acquire Josh Allen because of his upside. The other owner offered this trade - I send: Sam Darnold and a 2019 1st Round Pick (10th overall) I receive: Josh Allen and a 2020 1st Round Pick (most likely a top 5-6 pick) Is this trade worth making to essentially move back a year in the draft for a potential first rounder? I like Allen’s upside as a rusher, despite current passing deficiencies. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  7. In my 12 Team H2H Points, I was offered the following trade: I send: McCullers, Iglesias, and Rondon I receive: Archer and Muncy I currently need a 1B with Belt going on the DL and I’m willing to trade RP because of the availability of possible closers with the deadline coming up. Is this deal worth making? Any thoughts would be great. Thank you!
  8. That's what I'm thinking as well. I'm just a little worried about my pitching depth though. I appreciate your thoughts so far!
  9. That is correct. I originally had to send Carrasco in a deal for him.
  10. I would stick with what you have. I'm not huge on Junis, even though I do like Lizard.
  11. In my 12 Team H2H Points League, I figured out another offer for Freeman. This time the deal is as follows - I send: Springer, Tanaka, and Pivetta I receive: Freeman, Andujar, and German (who I will drop most likely) I am worried about losing SP with both Tanaka and Pivetta being in the deal. However, I love the thought of getting Freeman and keeping him. Should I make this deal? Any thoughts would be appreciated. My team is in my signature. Thank you!
  12. In my 12 Team H2H Points League, I was offered the following packages for Arenado by the same owner - Trade 1 - I send: Arenado I receive: Syndergaard, Hoskins, and Shaw Trade 2- I send: Arenado I receive: Syndergaard, Rosario, and Shaw I am looking to upgrade my SP. Carrasco and McCullers are currently my top SP. I would love to add Thor to my rotation. He would also become a keeper on my team, along with Hoskins or Rosario (whichever one I acquire). I would be able to start Shaw at 3B as a replacement for Arenado and
  13. I would say SP as well. I would try to acquire some guys with bad luck in the 1st half.
  14. That's why I have strong interest in him. Still trying to figure a deal out.
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