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  1. Doesn't look like he's played at AAA yet which is kind of weird.
  2. Most prospect evaluations don't seem overly high on this guy. Is it because they haven't seen him for a year? It's a short sample size but between spring training and tonight he looks impressive.
  3. Really impressive start to the season.
  4. Razzball had a write up from last night. Might be an occasional feature during the week. https://razzball.com/prospect-news-50-notes-from-minor-league-baseballs-opening-day/
  5. Excellent start to AA.
  6. That would definitely help. The Braves also have Waters and Riley as an outfield options but if Harris is this good he should overtake them.
  7. One ETA says 2024. The Braves have Acuna, Pache and Ozuna through at least 2026. I understand talent rises to the top but not a clear path in the near future. I know things tend to work themselves but a little concerning.
  8. It's being reported he could potentially pitch this weekend. I'm skeptical it'll end well.
  9. I'm surprised by the 2021 ETA on Fangraphs. They're traditionally conservative but I've also seen Eric say he doesn't put a ton of thought into the call up dates. I'm high on Max as well but I'm skeptical he'll be much of a contributor this season.
  10. Not a must add but certainly a potential contributor in the second half.
  11. Logan Allen had a little prospect hype a couple years ago and looks to have secured a rotation spot in Cleveland. He lost a bunch of weight and has had a great spring. Might be someone to monitor.
  12. There's talk he could join the team soon. There's some question marks in the Braves outfield.
  13. Rained out. Will play tomorrow afternoon.
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