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  1. Garbage time and they had to keep Conner out there...The Steelers trainer just mouthed “clavicle” clear as day. Cherry on top to my s--- year.
  2. He has to be on the field to catch the ball. Not sure what’s going on (injury or discipline) but, he has not been out there for his normal snap %.
  3. I’m looking on all the beat writers twitter feeds and I cannot find anything that will elaborate on how he looked or any video of him warming up. I’ll keep searching and let you guys know if I find anything.
  4. Looks like a dude walking down a hallway...There is nothing noticeable or anything we can go off of here. I’ll wait for the pregame warmups and following beat writer tweets/video before making a final decision. If I find anything, I’ll be sure to post it here for all.
  5. Reports of ankle injury for Mixon from sleeper bot.
  6. I too own Bauer and forgot to mention Musgrove. Musgrove might not miss more than the one start, but just more nonsense going into the semifinals. Only good luck I’ve managed is to sneak out a first round bye this week even with all this craziness going on.
  7. Sale, Kluber, Price, JRam, Ryu (start skipped) and now Pineda after spending $12 in FAAB last night (dropped by someone streaming trying to advance). Have you ever heard of this level of insanity happening to anyone let alone right before the playoffs? Someone please share stories of anyone that’s had it worse to ease the pain.
  8. Sale, Kluber, Price, McNeil and now JoRam all in the last 2 weeks...FML
  9. Very solid squad you have here. You have studs across the board and excellent depth at WR & RB. The only thing that really stood out as a possible red flag for me was the QB position. With all the mystery behind Luck and his injury, I would maybe try to move him in a package deal, possibly with Cohen mentioned above. Maybe the owner who has Montgomery, has a higher end QB you are interested in, and would be inclined to add Cohen and take on the risk Luck seems to carry with him every year. Thanks for your feedback on my post!
  10. I agree with @mocha4313...CMC as of right now, but would go Zeke if news breaks he is returning to camp. please help with my keeper dilemma if you can.
  11. I agree with the vast majority above...Kittle in the 8th is “Very nice!”
  12. 1. CMC 2. Cooks slightly ahead of K. Allen because of health. 3. Kerryon, Mack, Monty, Michele, Jacobs (I would in that order). 3. H. Henry (TE drop off is scary target Waller OAK late) 4. Williams (If you didn’t do Allen) or Robinson & J White. Would appreciate your opinion on my Keeper post from a few minutes ago. Thanks!
  13. Hello all! I find myself in a pretty difficult decision (for me anyway), but I guess a good problem to have Nonetheless. Keeper selections are due tonight in my 12 team, .5 PPR with QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE & W/R/T Flex. I can keep 4 of the following 5 players...Nuk, Le’Veon, Conner, Cook & JuJu. I cannot decide on a final 4 no matter what I do. The more I read player blurbs or look at rankings, the more preseason games/film I watch, I’ll find something that will change my mind, yet again. I am hoping with your help, I can come to a final consensus. I’ve considered keeping the 3 ba
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