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  1. Fairly simple league ;use your 70 million dollar payroll to pick a 13 man roster of 8 f , 3 d , 2 g every monday before the deadline .The stat multipliers are from past leagues mostly based off the old sporting news game with some added tweaks .Most fp's at seasons end wins the league . If gm's lose interest or forget to set fresh lineup on mondays their roster from previous week will just roll over. Player salarys are AAV . Since we are starting season a few weeks late and need some time to fill up we're going to start jan 25 easy join link https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joi
  2. oilers were taken but the canucks are now available . follow link in original post which has links to the team's fantrax roster and assorted league info
  3. free h2h league . looking for level headed mature fellas that enjoy the hobby end of fantasy hockey for this type of leaguemore .......https://sites.google.com/view/that70...eague-openingssend pm if interested with a few notes about your experience and fantrax username / email used there .thanks
  4. unless one of the new guys turns into a pumpkin its been filled up
  5. van and buf still available to the right candidate .buf has 5th and 10th ov picks in summer draft
  6. I had second thoughts towards being a commish after the 19-20 season ended so I informed gm's in this league I wasnt returning . I have since changed my mind so the league will go through a reboot of sorts . It seems as though 6-7 gm's are staying so I have 5 teams up for grabs which can be seen by following link to league googlesite .-this league is for hobby/pride . 12 teams , h2h fantasy points .-weekly moves-free fantrax with minors system used without fantrax automation that would prevent returning player back to minors slot if gone over gp limit .so we'll have to be good sports and watch
  7. select your 20 man roster by the set deadline at the pick my players screen. be sure to click the ''submit'' button otherwise nothing happens . you can mess around with the player picker page as often as you want prior to deadline but once it passes you will be locked in for entire playoffs . Once I know the exact time of the first game on AUG 1 I'll set deadline as close as possible to that - thanks . rules summary https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/dhivsfiikciyzv3e/rules auto-join link https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=dhivsfiikciyz
  8. I came across an ad at fantrax boards a few weeks ago and joined a league that suits what I'm looking for these days . There was a last minute exit from the league so theres an opening .Some items are still being discussed / voted on so you'd need to get up speed quickly .Send me a pm and I'll get you in touch with Chris .I'll post brief description .h2h fantasy points , 14 teams 75$ entry all through fantrax treasurer most gm's recruited so far are from the commish's other leagues so theres a known quality rosters = 20 starters , 6 bench , 6 prospects (120 gp for skaters , 82 for G) , 4
  9. I'm trying something a little less mainstream for 20-21 . If something like this is of interest hit me up via pm . So far its filled with 6 gm's from current or past leagues that I know so theres a base of level headed fellas . Since theres no drafting required with this setup and we have no idea when the nhl's 20-21 season would even launch theres going to be a lot of downtime . its easier to explain things further by visiting the googlesite I created . https://sites.google.com/view/lucky---13/home
  10. recruiting on behalf of commish . I've been in the league for a few seasons ; nice group of gm's that like to wheel and deal .16 teams , keep 9 pros , 11 prospects .can only keep 1 pro G , 4 prospect goalies (helps keep goalie value in check)fantrax rules page + league constitution at very bottom of pagehttps://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...kazjk4v3/rulesblackhawkshttps://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...n8cptrkazjk4ve send pm if interested . include email utilized with fantrax so its easier to send invite
  11. try dobber hockey and left wing lock websites that both have active hockey forums with subforums dedicated to recruiting .
  12. hello there . you had some questions about the opening /

    1. orange meow

      orange meow

      I did last night, but by digging deeper into the site I answered most of them. Since this team needs so much work, would you be willing to allow more than 3 FA moves the first week?

    2. orange meow

      orange meow

      You also asked about experience--I currently manage 3 baseball teams on Fantrax, so i am well familiar with the platform


    3. butch91


      position was filled earlier in the day - thanks 

  13. same deal , pm if interested . https://sites.google.com/view/blackblue70s20s/current-openings
  14. free league , play for pride , ''one year only''I'll post this here to see if any forum members want to challenge eachother in this 1 year ''points league'' before posting it on the Fantrax available leagues section . I usually create 1 sidebar league every year to try something a little different .Maybe it can turn into a yearly event , who knows .link to fantrax rules https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...jzzgtgfz/rulesthe scoring formula utilized is based on the old sporting news game which is also similar to the dobbernomics multipliers . I've added / deleted some of them over the years a
  15. hey guys , have an opening in one of my play for pride / free dynasty leagues .All the info can be seen here https://sites.google.com/view/blackb...rrent-openingsI know most fellas here play dynasty for $$ , but my preference is to play dynasty as a hobby and one year leagues for $$ instead . If playing dynasty for hobby is something that interests you then it could be a nice fit . 9 of 12 gm's in this particular league play in either all 3 of my leagues or 2 of the 3 so theres a lot of reliable / active fellas.send pm if interested , a few details about your experience would help with decisio
  16. steve collard is like the nhl habs with all those championships too much on my plate but I admire you sticking to your format of old school
  17. I participate in this league ; commish asked if I could help recruit .available roster https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...g6giz1juh2eebnleague setup , scroll to the bottom to see the added league constitution https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...juh2eeb5/rulesh2h fps , 16 teams , 4 divisions , keep 9 from from pro section of roster , keep max 1 pro goalie , keep max 11 of 16 prospects (I believe max 4 g prospects could be part of the 11).I kinda like the keep 1 max pro goalie as it prevents goalie hoarding . Naturally the summer draft will have the decent exposed goalies going high so it
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