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  1. I honestly think it is mostly his velocity. If he can maintain this velocity I bet he will be a very solid pitcher ROS.
  2. It very well could be, Karinchak is nasty and they apparently wanted to give Wittgren his share for some reason.
  3. He has typically been brought in as a long relief guy because he can go 1+ innings if needed.
  4. It wasn't the prettiest inning but he was able to escape trouble. FWIW Karinchak did look really good in the 8th striking out the side after he gave up the walk to the first batter.
  5. Yep I had a feeling that would happen but just thought Karinchak could still potentially give him a run for it. I guess Francona likes it better this way. A week ago I thought Lou Trivino would have been a better pick up over Clase, but that doesn't look like the case anymore. BTW Indians might ruin the save app here for Clase. They are up 5-2 now.
  6. Yeah I would have no problem with giving up Mitch Keller for him. I was a huge fan of Mitch but he has consistently shown that he struggles with control, so there is no telling when/if he will be valuable for fantasy.
  7. Hmm I'm not sure if I would make this deal. You look thin at SP and looks like your offense really shouldn't need much help.
  8. In a redraft league if you are desperate for saves then I get making this move. Kopech is likely to stay in the long relief role most if not all the season so he will not really benefit you as much as taking a shot on the SV's.
  9. Honestly it was just for conversation sake. Good call on Trivino, I definitely should have listed him. I agree with your ranking though just based off Trivino having the clearest path. Even though Karinchak hasn't received much work in the 9th yet he is still an option and competition for Clase. Not even mentioning Wittgren who they have used primarily in the 9th so far.
  10. Do you think any one of Diekman, Clase or Sims has the closing role now or coming up soon? And has the goods to actually run away with the role? If I had to guess, I would say Clase or Sims are probably the most suited and Diekman a distant third.
  11. I have done that a lot actually. More times then not it pays off b/c the player does next to nothing like you said. help with mine please:
  12. I would go with Pomeranz. Looks like you could use some help at RP and he has a chance to get saves. help with mine please:
  13. You should be able to get more for Hoskins. I like France a lot but he is not proven so you are just taking on a flier if you make this deal. help with mine please:
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