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  1. .5 PPR Who should I start at WR: Julio Jones (roll the dice?), Nelson Agholor or Michael Pittman? I'm leaning towards Agholor and then I can start Julio over Swift in the flex if for some reason he is active? But I know it is looking like Julio will not play so should I go ahead and put Agholor in? Pittman seems like the worse option so I don't know if I want to have to rely on him if Julio indeed is inactive.
  2. Yeah I thought I saw the same thing. I am pretty sure he got banged up there.
  3. Dang it... what to do now? No telling if Breida will be good to go. If he isn't, it could be Howard or Lynn Bowden who leads the backfield in snaps.
  4. I would go with Hasty. Safer play and I think he has the highest upside as well. help with mine please:
  5. Honestly the hip issue with Golladay worries me. Also, I know Kenny is looking for that big contract in the offseason so that might impact his decision to go 100% down the stretch. I would go with Moore for that reason. help with mine please:
  6. Yeah I would rank the top two as JK Dobbins then Lindsay. thank you for the help with mine!
  7. Bump, any other opinions? This is a tough one for me.
  8. I would have to go with Tonyan. Just can't trust Engram at all. help with mine please:
  9. .5 PPR Who would you rather have ROS (position doesn't matter due to my roster): Mike Evans or CEH WHIR just leave a link
  10. Isn't there a chance AB is still suspended additional games? I thought I remembered reading that somewhere.
  11. And that's not even including CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy who are/were arguably the top WR's in this class. Then you have Jalen Reagor in Philly who has been hurt for majority of the season.
  12. Uhh that's definitely a question. Especially if you are considering talent/situation and not just their current production.
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