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  1. Surprisingly activated today. If he can get some regular AB's I am sure he will hold value ROS.
  2. Yeah if I remember correctly, Yahoo admitted they couldn't afford to change their coding so they had to make Ohtani two different players. Pretty ridiculous.
  3. So frustrating... I really don't get the rationale in starting Kelvin Gutierrez over him at this point.
  4. Nothing more than a day of rest? He has started only 3 of the last 6 games...
  5. That was 92 PA in AA where he batted .253 in 2019, are you just going to ignore what he did in single A and A+ that season as well?
  6. My response has nothing to do with the Ozuna situation, but your point is completely situationally based. If you are in a position, such as backed into a corner, where you can't just 'walk away' then obviously self defense would be one of your few options.
  7. I don't see a thread on Hunter for this season. I think most everyone is well aware of his strengths/weaknesses at this point but he has been awfully good lately and obviously it's a big plus being in the Red Sox lineup and playing in the AL East stadiums. Last 30 days: R HR RBI K TB AVG OBP Hunter Renfroe Bos - LF,RF
  8. Sir, this deserves a medal. Amazing gif.
  9. Yeah granted it's less than 150 AB's but he certainly hasn't shown that he hits the ball very hard:
  10. Yeah obviously Hampson could just not slump and maybe force the managers hand. But you have to admit that being put in and out of the lineup and not getting the consistent playing time is most likely going to hurt any player who is trying to develop or perform well. And it's not like Hampson is the first player the Rockies have done this with. Tapia, McMahon and Rodgers are all current examples who are still on the roster.
  11. Live look at Rockies management:
  12. Sorry, I absolutely only meant if there was some type of language in the contract where it could be voided. If they don't have that in there then I am sure they will keep him on as long as possible. Especially since he is currently injured.
  13. My goodness... this is absolutely terrible. I know his wife was arrested for domestic violence a couple years ago so maybe there is some connection. But you would have to think the Braves will cut him pretty quickly if he has legal trouble coming his way.
  14. You should absolutely be correct... but never underestimate the Rockies management.
  15. Hit an absolute missile and then jammed his finger on the bag and had to be taken out of the game.... So hopefully nothing is broken.
  16. Yeah elbow soreness and his velocity dipped.... not a good combo at all.
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