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  1. Soto - longevity on his side in addition wanting to steal more bases makes him the ideal keeper for me.
  2. No chance - week 17 only, if at all. You can't go into the playoffs with your biggest star resting multiple weeks in a row and not expect rust, especially when the playoffs are in a single game elimination format. They're also likely to have a bye in the first round for additional rest.
  3. This is what always baffles me about leagues that say "no trade vetoes unless there's collusion". Just as you indicated, you can never prove collusion, ever, unless you were accidentally carbon copied on an email or something (which I've never seen happen in 20 years of playing fantasy). To me, a veto is really simple for two scenarios - first, if a trade clearly benefits one side only while offering absolutely no benefit to the other (either currently or in the future), then it should be vetoed as that goes against the very idea of trading. And second, if a trade clearly has an established to
  4. Without question - it should take several seasons before a prospect with as much promise as Hilliard is deemed to be a career platoon player. His final season in AAA he actually hit LHP better than RHP (.268 to .259) in 168 AB's to 332 AB's respectively. Give him a chance to prove/disprove himself.
  5. And ironically, he wasn't even in the original lineup last night - he only entered it due to Tapia being scratched at the last minute with a minor elbow issue. If Hilliard and Hampson could start every game, my guess is the organization and fantasy owners would both benefit. Stop messing around with the development of young, talented players.
  6. Right now it probably depends on Tapia's status. The only reason Hampson led off last night was because Tapia was a late scratch with a minor elbow issue. He was originally hitting 6th and then moved up after Tapia was scratched with Hilliard entering the lineup and hitting 8th. Hampson was 2 for 4 with two runs and a walk, but Hilliard out-shined him by going 2 for 5 with a home run, steal and two runs. Tapia led off for six straight games prior to the scratch, so I would think that only if Tapia needs to miss more games would Hampson get another crack at everyday playing time and/or leading
  7. Biggio - you can dream on K-Rob's ceiling all day long, but give me the player that can clearly help you win right now (and should remain in a stacked lineup for years to come).
  8. I'm a big fan of Groshans - Vlad already moved to 1B and Groshans will eventually join a stacked lineup in a great offensive environment. Solid plate approach, plus power - and flying just a little under the radar in many dynasty leagues (depending on the level of competition). He'd be my first choice followed by Gorman for the power upside. Good luck!
  9. Certainly possible the MRI on Ohtani will prevent him from hitting or pitching. I was going under the assumption he'd still be able to hit like last season.
  10. Nope. For one thing Ohtani may still be able to DH if he can't pitch (and frankly given the short season they should just scrap his pitching until the off-season as it's clear he needs a lot more work and is not helping the team win games on the mound). Taking his bat out of the lineup several times a week right now seems counterproductive. Second, Goodwin is working out fine in RF so far, they should get Trout back tonight and they have Upton in LF. There's no need right now for the team to start Adell's service time clock when Adell still has plate approach issues to work on.
  11. Unfortunately, when Al Avila wants him up.
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