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  1. I'm throwing him out there tonight. Betting on the talent plus maybe a bit of fall off from the Braves offense tonight coming off a huge home series against the Phillies. Here's to hoping.
  2. What are people doing tonight? Home vs MIA - if you still own him, you pretty much have to start him here, right? One plus is he's been great at home this season (2.87 / .87). I'll probably throw him out there, but not uber confident.
  3. Who's starting this guy today? Prior to his last start (which did not go well), he'd gone 7+ inning in 6 of 7 starts. Wasn't putting up dominant games like he was during the second half of last season, but solid starts across the board. I want to start him, but that Braves offense is crushing right now. What are you guys doing?
  4. As someone who follows the Braves quite a bit - I think the only way they take Jackson out of the closer role is via trade - and I think a trade (Will Smith? Shane Greene? Ken Giles?) is pretty likely. Jackson's blown some saves, but he's also looked pretty filthy; I can't see them deciding "we need to take him out of this role" - and turning it over to another guy who more than likely wouldn't be any better (i.e. Swarzark or even AJ Minter again). Not saying it's outside the realm of possibility but I just don't see the Braves going in that direction.
  5. I was thinking about starting him just because I have a feeling this will happen - but I can't. Looking at his game log, I'm not even sure why I've kept him on my roster in a QS league - only has 3 QS in 10 starts this season.
  6. Not only has Luke Jackson been pretty good, Toussaint is valuable to the Braves as someone who can go multiple innings out of the pen. They're also not settling on making him a bullpen only arm either, so trying to entrench him in the closer role doesn't seem like a very good approach. On top of that, Touki's stuff is electric but he still walks too many guys - he's not a guy I'd be super confident coming in up one run in the 9th. Barring a trade for a closer (which I actually think is likely - and could see them going after either Will Smith or Shane Greene) it looks like it's Luke's job.
  7. On the bench again today after yesterday's PPD game. Bummer, looks like it's a full platoon for now.
  8. I guess that's one explanation, but he's been fine vs LHP this year (.837 OPS vs .891 OPS against RHP). He was much worse against LHP in his 64 AB last year, but still seems odd they'd suddenly start platooning him with Ian Desmond (though Desmond does have solid splits vs lefties).
  9. If anything - the law of averages would make him a great trade target. From the look of this thread, and people talking about dropping him outright, you could potentially get him for pennies on the dollar from some owner who's down on him, and then reap the benefits when these things average out, as they tend to do.
  10. Anyone dropping Puig, just be prepared for someone else in your league to put in a claim for him. It would be a dumb drop. He's averaged 25/15 his last two seasons, and that includes last season in which he only had 444 PAs. He's never shown to be anything less than a .260 hitter (has had a couple seasons of .296+). He's 28 years old, and in a way better ballpark than LA. Maybe he doesn't have the dream season people hoped for going to Cinci in a contract year, but there's no reason to even consider dropping him right now.
  11. It's an extremely underwhelming lineup, despite what cumulative team stats may say less than 3 weeks into the season. It's a plus matchup, for sure.
  12. 16 team with OBP? Easily go with Votto.
  13. Tanaka's second half last year: 10.73 K/9 1.65 BB/9 3.77 ERA 1.06 WHIP 2.83 xFIP (3rd lowest in league) So no he hasn't been meh for the past year. Not denying he has trouble with the HR (3rd highest HR/9 in baseball last year, currently 4th highest so far this year), but he's still a useful pitcher who may be 'meh' in one stat (ERA), but strong in the others.
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