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  1. Found this today - i'll take every scrap and morsel I can find these days.
  2. padres minor league overview Article goes over the padres minors as a whole, but notes that Abrams will start at high A or double A. Also of note is the fact that CJ is still at the alternate site instead of minor league camp. The one downside is what we already knew, the Padres Director of Player development noted that while they have been aggressive with promotions in years past, they have "pretty established players around the diamond in San Diego." He did include a caveat of pending health/performance with that statement. The formula for 2021 playing time/debut is CJ performance
  3. I watched 3 of his ABs today. 3 separate times he took the 2nd strike of the ab center cut, twice a fastball, and the third time was a breaking ball right down the middle, and all 3 times he chased a ball swinging for the 3rd strike the very next pitch. Whatever the opposite of "locked in" is, that's Stanton right now.
  4. Dipoto Interview Jerry said he'll start out at A ball and the way I read it, its on JRod how fast he goes. A September call-up would seem to be the minimum expectation based on the player's talent level and expected performance, but if his play warrants it, I could see a mid-summer call based on these comments.
  5. This thread is gonna be 6 pages and he'll go 0-4 tonight and none of us will ever think of him again.
  6. You are 100% right about caring from a predictive standpoint and I see the logic. However, I personally don't ever factor juicing into my analysis just because it seems like baseball doesn't care. You must have to be an idiot to get caught with such obvious guys getting away with it year after year. I guess, much like for the players themselves where the benefits of juicing outweigh the risk of getting caught, for me, the benefit of taking a guy who's producing on the juice is worth it, because theres very little chance he gets caught.
  7. Honest question - why do we care if he is juicing? For 95% of us he's a free guy off the wire. Shoot up both arms and both legs for all I care - just hit dingers.
  8. Jason Collete of RW wrote him up today - his changeup is back to pre-TJ levels and he's also throwing the splitter again to great effect. Definitely some stuff under the hood that makes sense if you play in deeper leagues.
  9. "There's a lot to like about his stuff and it's possible he'll be a top-30 starter as soon as next year, but his fantasy upside this season is limited." - RW Blurb Who writes this stuff? This kid is nothing but upside.
  10. For the record, Larussa said in a different article that he believes Vaughn is above average defensively in LF. So...I recommend everyone just bench Vaughn for a couple weeks and go to your happy place. This thread will be an insane asylum at the hands of Tony F'ing Larussa if not.
  11. Haha perfect! I do agree with your original point that Vaughn's best path is for Yermin to turn into a pumpkin. I guess we'll see.
  12. Sir. Sir. Please reevaluate your life choices as you have somehow arrived at the point where you are on RW defending Tony LaRussa's decision to only give partial playing time to Andrew Vaughn over Nick Williams and Billy Hamilton. I am not a professional but I believe this is a cry for help. We all want the best for you.
  13. Tony Larussa is blind, can barely walk, can't hear or smell, and hasn't gotten off the couch in a year. It's time.
  14. You're right, Vaughn definitely isn't a 7 right now. I just think if you have the kid up let him play. Hamilton and Garcia should not stand in the way. But a little Yermination would definitely help his cause and make this whole discussion moot most likely.
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