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  1. I trust the good people of yahoo and their wisdom to not have a tiebreaker.
  2. With Cleveland, I would add a potted plant called up to start.
  3. He also got squeezed on the Grisham ab.
  4. At his age, anything close to treading water in the bigs, with a decent k rate would impress me and his stock should rise for dynasty. The Soto stance stuff is fun but of no consequence.
  5. He missed a grand slam by about 3 feet.
  6. I thought to myself - vs Miami, shouldnt really be a meltdown or anything. Yikes. Start young pitchers at your own risk - sheesh.
  7. Absolutely - thousands of guys who were freakish enough to be the first legit two-way player since Babe Ruth. All that hype was not warranted at all. Can you point me to the next one in this assembly line you speak of? I would like to add them to my dynasty roster. Thanks!
  8. One would think right? Would be very depressing - it was so cool seeing a player so talented do both.
  9. Very early obviously, but I picked him up.
  10. Something weird is going on - Gallo had like two negatives via mouth swab with one positive via nasal, or something like that. He eventually was cleared and I guess the nasal was a false positive?
  11. No idea what his long term profile will be, but another 18 games like he had last year to start this season would go a long way towards winning some leagues.
  12. Didn't see one for this year, this thread is a great tool every year for those of us who play in keeper/dynasty but dont have full minor league rosters to stash with.
  13. If this is really him, I would be concerned.
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