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  1. Free espn starter dynasty league LOTR themed. One stronghold to rule them all Brief rundown of the league 1. Dynasty League that focuses on division bonus and flex positions with 3 round rookie draft. One stronghold to rule them all a. Discord required....those interested message for link 2. When you join select one non playoff team from last season to select three players from a. This works as a sort of retro keeper to help jump start a dynasty and acts as this year’s rookie draft in a sense. b. Rookies can be included in this. c. Ye
  2. I am wanting a challenge so looking to adopt an orphan team or two on espn. Like the dynasty feel and dont mind a rebuild. Been playing fantasy football for roughly twenty years and it is my itch so to speak, A fun addiction.
  3. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=51256336&inviteId=c0461339-8d91-4938-b0e6-b0a41c465fa5
  4. The Big flex a standard espn league with a twist. WWE Themed with 1 qb 1 rb 1 wr 1 te 4 flex 1 def 1 k 9 bench 3 ir with 10 keepers each year. draft order for new season to be done via youtube draft lottery with worst team getting most entries. Budget 250 to fill slots in the ten team league Friday 9pm est. email breakingjase@hotmail.com to join league or drop email below and tell me if you want to be a part of smackdown or raw. Winning members division will each get one additional entry into the draft lottery. Free agency is auction based then opens to waiver pick
  5. I am looking for a long term rebuild orphan team if any leagues have an opening for a free league on espn. prefer no def league
  6. looking for dynasty league and owners for own league

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