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  1. Shows a lot more than 12 in the league. Is it just top 12 that pay? Or are u opening it up to 20 teams? If it’s just to 12 I can pay right now
  2. Also, $1 per transaction. If you make 15 waiver wire adds through the season then your out of pocket would be $90 Everyone makes the playoffs Payment is done via paypal Send me an email if interested. saustin75056@gmail.com Current Roster Size: 16 Total Starters: 9 Total On Bench: 7 (2 IR) Starters Maximum Quarterback (QB) 1 2 Running Back (RB) 2 4 Wide Receiver (WR) 2 4
  3. I am in. Dedicated owner in multiple leagues (no dynasty at the moment tho) Will be there for the long haul saustin75056@gmail.com
  4. still have an open spot? if so I am in saustin75056@gmail.com
  5. so put money in league safe... every where does it lol
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