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  1. Ooofff. Id have mixed feelings. would love to have Waters skillset playing in Coors but the Rockies would probably keep him in the minors for another 3 years even tho hes mlb ready. That's just what they do. I'll never understand it. Right the Rockies have legit hitters in the minors especially the lower levels but it takes years to finally get to the upper levels and by then they usually get overcooked along with minors fatigue and start regressing. The best thing for a young stud hitter like Drew Waters is to stay away from Colorado. Until the Rockies clean out the entire fro
  2. Nice little writeup from BA a couple days ago, behind paywall unless you get 5 free viewings which mine for some unknown reason keeps resetting everyday if I use my chrome browser on my phone. Anyways, they talk about him not just being a monster but some say he's the greatest prospect they've ever seen. Some serious praise there. Wander and Julio are this years Acuna and Soto. Notes From The Coast: Julio Rodriguez Becomes A 'Monster' https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/notes-from-the-coast-julio-rodriguez-becomes-a-monster/
  3. Ms GM Dipoto is feeling the heat big time. And he's seen many of his counterparts get canned mid rebuild only to see it successful but it was too late and they were already fired. Because Dipoto is feeling like time is running out for him (which is crazy because of how amazing he's done stockpiling elite talent) ... you're seeing their big names being super fast tracked like Logan Gilbert and Jarred Kelenic, who I have no doubt will both be up in the majors at some point next year barring injuries or colossal collapses (along with Evan White, Justin Dunn, Kyle Lewis, Ljay Newsome
  4. Exactly Brock. Its easy to forget he's only 20 years old. He's 6 years younger then the average age of triple a players. That's huge. He actually shows pretty good command of his pitches (hits the spots hes supposed to from what i hear). Its his control that he struggles with and thats completely understandable as he's a pitcher that relies on his insane spin rate (on both his FB and CB). SPs with elite spin rates have a tendency to take longer developing their control. One major thing Garcia has going for him is that he's supposedly extremely athletic and Yankees pitching coache
  5. As im sure you know Kelenic is a notorious slow starter. When he starts the regular seasons, comes back from an injury and now after promotions (last year promoted from GCL to Kingsport...this year from WV to Modesto). But after his struggles he catches on and starts killing it. So deff expecting a brief struggle transitioning to AA...Kelenic will be dominating in no time.
  6. Well the PCL was always considered the most hitter friendly league in the minors (Well when high desert and Bakersfield were still around, the Cal was seen as the most hitter friendly). So add the juiced up ball into the PCL and you're gonna have some serious runs put on. But the International league was never really considered an extreme hitters league but this year the entire AAA has become a bloodbath for starting pitchers. I also wondered why the AAA ball seems much more juiced then the MLB this year, when it's supposed to be the exact same as the MLB ball. Besides Zac Galle
  7. 18 year olds in their first full session tend to tire out. Look at Triston Casas. He's got huge raw power and very fast bat speed. As the hot summer July has come to an end, his swing has become lethargic. It happens to most 18-19 year Olds in their 1st seasons. All the more reason what Wander Franco is doing is just incredible. But like most young people too, a 2nd or 3rd wind usually kicks in and start hitting better again. Pete Alonso last year mentioned how fatigued he got a little after the all star break. Obviously everyones conditioning is different but it's totally unde
  8. He would deff be a monster bat against right handed pitching in the majors. Has always be a righty killer. Struggles to consistently hit lefties his minor league career. Love that power tho...it is no doubt mlb in game power legit.
  9. yeah they've been awful. Don't forget about HoF Mike Mussina tho. Also I remember watching their 2009 draft pick pitcher Matt Hobgood pitch at Norco high school. He was very good and had potential. He was a 6'4 beast who had 3 plus pitches and could command all of them. He probably had the best curve in that draft. They started him in the rk league at Bluefield. They immediately changed (completely) his mechanics without even letting him get some early success to build his confidence. By the time he got to full season ball, everyone of his pitches were below average and could never get over i
  10. Heres his latest scouting report i found on MLB pipeline. It has his pitching grades but i believe hiura fastball and changeup actually grade higher currently and still have room for growth in his future projection. Scouting grades: Fastball: 45 | Curveball: 45 | Slider: 40 | Changeup: 50 | Control: 50 | Overall: 45 Under general manager A.J. Preller, the Padres have had success with mid-to-late round pitchers. Cantillo might be the latest steal. A 16th-round selection from Kailua High School in Hawaii, the left-hander was one of the youngest players in the 2017 Draft. He sig
  11. low 90s. the last few starts I saw on Twitter that he was sitting between 91-93mph. But he gets a lot of tailing action on his fastball which plays it up. He's 19 and has a nice frame. I could see him adding 2-3 mph more to his FB in the next couple of years as he fills out and gets stronger (but that is not a given). As with all young pitchers, Cantillo is gonna have to improve his 3rd pitch. He has a 4 pitch mix but his curveball and slider are both below average. Like I mentioned before, the development of his cutter is gonna be huge.
  12. While he has some delivery concerns, Law also talks up Garcia’s deception, which bodes well for a future in the rotation. As for seeing him in the Bronx this summer, I think it’s possible. A September call-up seems more likely, though. While moving aggressively, he isn’t exactly on the 2015 Luis Severino fast track. That year saw Severino make eight starts in Double-A before moving up to Scranton, then he earned a call-up in August after 11 starts with the RailRiders. Garcia has four starts in Tampa under his belt, and just finished his ninth game for Trenton. It’s possib
  13. throws a 4 seam (with a very nice spin rate which leads to allot of tail action on it), changeup (2nd best pitch which has him making low a hitters look silly), Curveball and slider. He also throws a cutter but has been mostly focusing on the first 4 pitches mentioned above. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets rid of his slider all together and focuses on developing his cutter more.
  14. I forgot to add my point that Cabrera needing a quality 3rd pitch (and consistent control) has always been a question mark with him. His changeup this year has improved a lot and its toned down questions about whether he can make it as a starter. We'll see how his changeup (and control/command) fares now that he's in the upper levels. But Cabrera does not need a 4th pitch to make it as a starter.
  15. Usually a MLB starting SP needs to atleast have 3 average pitches. When a pitching prospect is unable to develop a quality 3rd pitch, they usually end up in relief (there are some pitchers that have been able to have success as a starter with only 2 pitches but not often and it usually catches up to them). Obviously there are also pitchers that end up in the BP with more then 2 pitches. Plus other factors like control come into play. The difference between 3 and 4 pitches does not necessarily matter when it come to starting. And some pitchers with 3 plus pitches doesn't necessari
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