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  1. I definitely would. Acuna is going to be a star.
  2. Find it hard to justify dropping Hoskins at this point. I would try to keep a DL guy on bench if at all possible.
  3. I worry about Taylor’s playing time. Villar has not shown much of anything at all. Peraza by far the best, with Taylor second and Villar third.
  4. Stassi is intriguing while McCann is out. Hicks has limited upside I’m afraid. Stassi it is.
  5. I wouldn’t give DeGrom for those 3
  6. Right now I’m winning my hitting categories every week, but lose most pitching. This would make sense to improve SP dramatically.
  7. I like Soto as I’m not sure about Eaton’s health. Both will be productive going forward. If Eaton can stay healthy though, he’s better than Soto. I just don’t trust that will happen.
  8. Expect Benintendi to just continue improving. He’s a fantastic all around hitter and a fantasy stud. I would have no hesitation locking him up
  9. I am being offered Kershaw + Xander for Correa + Shane Green/Britton + Mikolas 10 team Yahoo league. 5x5 with R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP and SV, QS, K/9, WHIP, ERA. Current lineup: C - Contreras 1B - Encarnacion 2B - Gennett 3B - Sano SS - Machado MI - Correa CI - Bour OF - Harper OF - Gardner OF - Adams OF - Cruz Util - Aguilar Util - Brantley Bench - Grandal Sus - Cano DL - Cespedes SP - Reyes SP - Ohtani RP - Davis RP - Greene P - Treinen P - Dominguez P - K
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