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  1. Invite sent! Post on the league home page with any and all questions!
  2. Settings of the league: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=45518981 We have 12 total Bench spots for Minor league players (you will see the eligibility thresholds on the league home page) 6 Hitters and 6 pitchers (to prevent stacking) We have 3 MLB bench spots making a total of 15 bench spots. We have a Call Up/Send down thread for when you want to play one of your minor league players on your active roster. Once you call a player up that has passed the threshold they cannot be sent back down. When you call someone up, you must drop or have one of your 3 MLB b
  3. Kimbrel is back?! EDIT.: brought in for the 5 out saves and bases loaded in the 8th, 3 k's 0 runs 0 base runners lit
  4. Lucas Sims.....................scoop em up
  5. 5 K's in 2 IP his second appearance ...............nice
  6. Yea I LOVED getting Tobias Harris low key from MIL way back when, solid team that you mentioned. Development didn't go as planned sadly. I liked Oladipo a lot and thought he'd be our guy as well but nope....... I'd rather find that stud Guard or SF to build around rather than build around Vuc, appreciate the sentiment regarding the rebuild 2.0 haha
  7. Nah I never liked how this team was setup TBH, was destined for 1st round exits for years with no high picks I much prefer this blow it up strategy, Isaac and Fultz locked n loaded, time to restart
  8. More accurate representation of our boy, being so raw
  9. Holding down the PF spot in HOU moving forward? Wall - Oladipo as Guards Eric Gordon made of paper Wood as the C with Patton off the bench PF can be Martin Porter Jr getting mins as the 2nd unit PG and prob some run with the starters at times especially when Wall/Oladipo sit Seems like a solid WW add atm
  10. With the ball being changed, seems like Pitchers will get a little bump and power will see a pullback, also COVID still around, 6 man rotation talk etc etc Curious how some are approaching 2021 Drafts, is anyone fading top SP in favor of Bats early and loading up on lower middle tier SP? Anyone going for more of the top SP then filling in with middle tier Bats later ignoring the middle tier SP? Lots of factors to take into consideration so interested to see others opinions
  11. He was at 2.4 BPG last year and 1.3 BPG now, that was most of his value, 12 teams and shallower I could def see people having him as their next drop for a hot WW add Year before he was at 2.2 BPG and with over 2.3 3's per game as well, He's currently performing like the year he was on the Lakers and I'm not sure I see it improving
  12. are we at the end here? Portis and Jrue additions seem to have changed the need for his Defense, if hes even at mid 1.5-1.7 BPG up from the current 1.3 I'm not sure how valuable that is with minimal contributions elsewhere Hes also shooting 4% higher from 3 than last season but on fewer attempts and is still hovering around 1.5 3's per game not ideal
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