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  1. https://sports.yahoo.com/deshaun-watson-defense-team-massages-led-to-some-consensual-sexual-encounters-not-assaults-001223991.html Watson lawyer admits sex happened at some of these "massage" treatment, but it was consensual. What about the times his advances were not appreciated? Because it sounds like that is why he got these appointments.
  2. Well here's the first complaint filed with the Houston Police, bet it's not the last.
  3. This attorney was the one to take on the first case and these cases are a lot of "she said" "he said" and not the kind of cases lawyers are seeking. So it's not a surprise the others are going with him as their attorney, strength in numbers and all also. Same reason the girls didn't go to the police. One masseuse vs super star rich athlete with his high price lawyer has no chance filing a criminal case successfully with the police. They would blow her off with " not enough evidence to go forward" . This is why sexual abusers get by with this for years and years. They don't get busted until som
  4. Things broke nicely for Robinson. Hyde was like the perfect addition, good enough to give Robinson a breather, but no danger to taking the starting job away. The addition of Lawrence should help make the offense better and the run/pass ratio should improve from a league low 35% run to 65% pass with improvements the Jags will/have made. He's going to be a solid RB1 barring injury.
  5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31113664/summary-lawsuits-deshaun-watson
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/texans-star-deshaun-watson-now-facing-13-sexual-misconduct-lawsuits-under-investigation-by-nfl/ Buzbee shared a letter on March 18 that came from NFL senior vice president Lisa Friel, who runs the league's special counsel for investigations. "I became aware of the lawsuits you filed [March 17], as well as the one you filed this morning, which contain various allegations of misconduct by Houston Texans player Deshaun Watson," Friel wrote in a letter that was posted to Instagram by Buzbee (The post has since been deleted). "I am writing to let
  7. From the lawsuit filing. https://www.totalprosports.com/2021/03/22/deshaun-watson-lawsuit-details-him-pushing-his-face-into-womans-butt-masseuse-slapping-him-for-grabbing-her-vagina/ If the court finds this as a honest account Watson is in for some jail time IMO.
  8. Lot of folks have a hard time knowing when they have stepped past the line for appropriate behavior towards others. Ailes, Cuomo, Antonio Brown and a slew of others and we can add Watson to the list. It reminds me of this:
  9. With only three draft picks, makes more sense to sign then to draft. As a Seahawk fan I'm just praying to the FF gods that he can stay healthy for a change, he's pretty good when healthy.
  10. Maybe, but hard to prove in a criminal case since it's she said, he said. However given that a dozen or more women are coming forward with similar stories of over the top sexual advances, I can see the NFL suspending him for the good of the league. This isn't the type of PR the league or it's players want and why the guidelines for behavior came about in the NFL.
  11. 9 women are stating that Watson behavior was over the line and that is pretty persuasive to me. Clearly he felt they were fair game for overt aggressive sexual advances. No doubt feeling they run into that often and wouldn't speak out. However once one of them actual did, the dam broke. I'd bet they were way more then 9 women that have experienced these overt attempts to coerce sex from them. He likely should get some therapy to get a handle on acceptable behavior with women who don't even know you as a person.
  12. Hard to figure what the Raiders plans are considering the moves they have made so far. Gutting the OL but adding to the RB corp? Very odd, but surely they have a plan of sorts. Might not be a good plan though and I'm planning to shy away from Raiders players.
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