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  1. This was about as good as you could hope for in Atlanta honestly. Encouraging start.
  2. Perhaps Bednar isn't the strikeout god we'd hoped he'd be
  3. If he's back up there tomorrow despite going 0-3 then that would seem to be the case. Otherwise he might be down there for good until he starts hitting.
  4. Think it's worth stashing Joely Rodriguez (TEX) or does Kennedy have the job?
  5. I don't see why not. He was pretty lockdown last year. He was my last pick dart throw after I saw someone mention that Kapler thought he could be the lone 9th inning guy and I was skeptical, but it's looking that way. Also shoutout to Jeanmar Gomez lol
  6. [...] He'll have 2B eligibility after tomorrow's game. Should be added in most leagues I think. He's been consistently hitting 3rd.
  7. So this guy is already down batting in the lower half and springer hasn't even returned yet, huh
  8. I'm waiting for him to get 2B in ESPN then I'm gonna snag him. Statcast page is red.
  9. He's been a different hitter since he made a change to his stance last season
  10. This guy hits dongs every year. Presumably there will be more because Coors. Just gotta be patient.
  11. Do the Red Sox not realize Marwin can play 1st? There's no reason they shouldn't have Marwin rotating with Dalbec at first to give him and Cordero more time. Dalbec sucks
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