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  1. He's been a different hitter since he made a change to his stance last season
  2. This guy hits dongs every year. Presumably there will be more because Coors. Just gotta be patient.
  3. Do the Red Sox not realize Marwin can play 1st? There's no reason they shouldn't have Marwin rotating with Dalbec at first to give him and Cordero more time. Dalbec sucks
  4. I'm a bit underwhelmed by the meh k numbers from Reyes thus far. Dude had a 12 k/9 last year and is sitting at like half that.
  5. Feels like one of those games where he pulls everyone back in and then gets benched twice this week and hits .200 in the games he does play
  6. I'm honestly confused what you're arguing about here. I was just pointing out that Darvish has been better than Scherzer over the last 20-25 starts
  7. Are you really comparing 1 start to 25? lol Darvish has been good. That's why his ADP is as high as it is, it's that simple.
  8. This dude better start hitting or he's definitely not going to stick in that 2 spot when Springer comes back
  9. People forgot this guy can hit apparently
  10. Guess I'll start this thread. He dropped the A and has back-to-back multi-hit games (plus 2 dingers), which is completely unlike the man formerly known as Michael A. Taylor. He hit well in spring too. We'll see how long this lasts because they've been playing Rangers pitching, but he's always had a bit of upside. Maybe a change of scenery will do him well. Royals have a fun lineup.
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