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  1. I don't see any way that you could get Albies for Moose and Diaz. Saves are notoriously tough to predict as it seems like half or more of the starting closers lose their job over the year. Personally, I hardly give them any value. While I like Moose, he's older and will definitely have less of a keeper life. I could see the Moose/diaz/senzel offer above but personally, I would reject it. It's tough to pull young, producing stars. Luckily, not everyone values players the same as me but it might be worth the try at least.
  2. I tend to avoid reliever keepers. I'd probably lean Gallen.
  3. That's Rush's schtick, don't listen to him. I'd say Soler and Castillo...as i generally find pitching is harder to find. I would probably knock out Rendon.
  4. I'd say Giolito as well. White Sox will be a good team moving forward so should give the added bonus on W/L.
  5. I would have to go with corbin but would be upset to lose castillo there as well.
  6. Kind of a weird league 6x7 (R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS) and (K, QS, W, L, SV, ERA, WHIP) 14 teamer, keep 15, budget $270 Will keep: 12 players- $151 Contreras - $13 Story - $15 JD Martinez - $32 Soler - $4 Betts -$13 Bell - $8 Mondesi - $7 Clevinger - $10 Bieber - $26 Paddack - $9 Ryu - $7 Hader - $7 Remaining Possibles (Three slots) Lynn - $4 Lucchesi $20 Mercado $4 Schwarber - $18 Moose - $21 H Dozier - $4
  7. Based on that cost differential I wouldn't take it. $40, probably. I feel like Mondesi is the real deal, maybe not a Betts but a perennial first/second rounder.
  8. I agree on sell high. Turner is just a better player.
  9. I like Lucchesi a lot for the future but if this isn't a keeper league I'd probably look at making the deal. He's going to have a lot of up and down still this year.
  10. I've been on the Verdugo train for a long time so I'd probably lean his way but it's pretty fair either way. All depends on your personal preference and view on their future performance.
  11. I'd probably stick as well...that power potential is tough to ignore. Plus, Dahl has shown to be made of glass in the past, without more of a track record of staying healthy I wouldn't feel like I could trust him.
  12. I agree with Montas. Fiers has too much up and down potential. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/751464-ryu-for-bell-story-for-cole-whir/
  13. I've had some injuries on my SP staff but have some depth on the offensive side. Both of these offers are on the table. This is an auction keeper league where I could keep Story or Bell forever. Story would be $15, Bell $4, Ryu $11, Cole $31 Other SS: Mondesi Other 1B eligible: Hunter Dozier, Daniel Murphy, Jose Martinez, Yandy Diaz Worth taking either of these deals?
  14. I got him for $6 in a keeper draft. I'd think you're still under $10 for him.
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