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  1. James Anderson has him ranked 52nd citing a potential plus-plus hit tool. Stock value is rising and name brand will carry some trade value.
  2. Not sure where you're getting your information from but RosterResource has him as their #4. It would be exceedingly rare for a team to trade a potential #2-#3 pitcher right after they acquired him. I don't know if there is a return that teams are willing to pay that would appease the DBacks. He's top 25% in Exit Velo, xwOBA, xSLG, xBA%, and K%. The hype train is out ahead of itself, but he'll have an MLB rotation spot with an amazing defense behind him.
  3. When you have all the money in the world, what's a little more? Evil Empire indeed.
  4. Can easily think of 12+ guys I'd want ahead of him in 2020 and I own him in my most competitive league. Love the guy but he's not a first rounder. CMC, MT, Cook, A. Jones, Evans, Cooper, Chubb, Zeke, Tyreek, Adams, Kamara, Cooper, Hopkins, etc.
  5. That's a hopeful but possible projection. He should be owned in all 12 team+. Looks like Baby Gronk out there.
  6. Plenty of reasons, I'm sure, but the unconventional college career is the most likely culprit: - 5 star recruit who settled on Texas A&M - Beat out Kyler Murray to start - Both he and Kyler transfer away from Texas A&M after the season (yikes) - Transfers to Houston and is redshirted for 2016 - Starting QB in 2017 and then benched week 3 for Postma - Foregoes his senior year and enters the draft That'll raise red-flags and likely drop you from any draft-boards. Seems like some talent evaluators whiffed on him hard. Either way, here we are! Cam Newton likely lisfranc fracture and it's now the Kyle Allen show.
  7. Pocket presence and touch. Great for a Norv Turner offense:
  8. There seems to have been a massive adjustment post ASB that many aren't factoring in. 2nd half splits: 11.71 K/9, 0.49 BB/9, 2.93 ERA, 2.84 xFIP (4th), 32.2% K-BB% (3rd), .199 AVG, etc. He's probably not safe enough for the 3rd round but I don't think it's as ridiculous as ya'll are making it sound, if he can sustain the success thru September.
  9. Expected to be called up 9/2. Playing time likely will be an issue but perhaps a chance at lightning in a bottle:
  10. So glad to see Darvish back to a dominant pitcher. The guy is just a master at his craft when he's on. Recently added a new pitch too -- knuckle curve that he attributes to learning from Kimbrel. It's nasty with a 12-6 break as opposed to his "normal" curve that has more of a slurve action. I agree with @Just_A_PI, assuming health he is a top 30 SP next season. At his current form, he may be top 10 ROS. New curve:
  11. Less than Baez, Franmil, Hiura, Chavis, etc. Not optimal but when you are second in the league in Brls/PA %, I'm fine with it. Top 6: Cruz, Aquino, Gary, Yordan, Gallo, & Trout Other awesome stats: - 5th in Brls/BBE (barrels/batted ball events) - 4th most max exit velocity - Better MLB BB/K than his MiLB ratio An adjustment period will come but it's an amazing ride. - https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/statcast_leaderboard
  12. Yes. As soon as Astudillo is back (September 1st or sooner), they will have three catchers on the roster and not worried about having two in the lineup. Hold.
  13. He's going to get a chance to start. An ace is more important than a closer and Graterol is said to have ace stuff. His fastball has been clocked at 103.7. With that fastball alone, he will be a successful big leaguer by at least being a dominate reliever. How his secondaries develop will decide all.
  14. Welcome to the show, young stud!
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