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  1. In two leagues this year. Started out 1-4 in one league and 1-5 in the other. Now I'm locked into the number 2 seed in the first league and control my own destiny in the 2nd for the 6th seed.
  2. Dez hasn't sucked all year, he just hasn't met expectations. In PPR he's still a top 25 WR. I'm not thrilled with him either, buy unless you are in a really shallow league, he's still a starter for your team and is scoring as a low end wr 2.
  3. Desmond at first, Tapia Blackmon, Dahl outfield? Is McMahon thought highly of enough to start the year at first?
  4. Also, according to Garrett the knee being bruised is more of an issue than the ankle. I think this is looking good for playing Sunday .
  5. Multiple Twitter sources saying he'll be a limited practice participant today.
  6. I went from "he'll be fine" to "oh shoot he really might not play". Didn't practice, Jones says he doesn't know if he'll play. Now we have two bad situations to deal with. He may not play at all, and he may play, but in a decoy/ineffective/reinjury type of role.
  7. I find it funny you say it was panic time right before a 1st down run. The next drive they started with a sack, of course they threw on second down. I get being frustrated with his usage, but stay objective at least.
  8. The point is scoring less points (bad thing) would have helped his consistency(good thing). That's the tail wagging the dog.
  9. He muffed punt and recovered. Only thing I can think of. Classic case of looking at the box score and not the game itself I assume.
  10. He is definitely not a drop for me. I'll keep him around as long as he gets more or less a guaranteed 12 carries a game.
  11. The difference in perceived value is the only way buying low/selling high works. You need different opinions on value or else everyone would value all players the same and you just be buying and selling based off of roster needs only. Not everyone will value these guys the same, and that's the point. If you like a guy's future, you hope the owner in your league doesn't like it as much as you. If he likes him more or the same you would just be buying, not buying low so you move on or decide to pay the higher price. Obviously it's the same thing in reverse for selling.
  12. I already spelled it out out in eloquent prose and it didn't work. James white also had at least 7 chances in 9 games and no less than 5 in any one game. One back with a high workload almost every week, and another with at least 5 every week, and usually 7. Seems like a pretty clear 1 -2 punch. When Belichick has a back who is strong, durable, and effectice he's his number one. The secondary back gets his chances pretty steadily in the passing game too.
  13. A lot of things used to be common knowledge. That isn't a valid arguement.
  14. He did post numbers. Blount got 15 plus touches in all but 2 games last year. Even if he's wrong, this is typically where you would give evidence to support your claim now. That's how arguments work.
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