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  1. I'm starting him next week against Arizona, who have potentially the worst offense in the majors. And I'm starting him with confidence
  2. I really think the reds are wasting Antone's potential. He needs to get into a starter spot
  3. It's Antone time. I wouldn't be surprised to see him try and finish the game for the reds, basically a piggyback situation
  4. Yes, agreed. This year I basically didn't draft any closers except rosenthal in one of my leagues. (lol). But managed to get Clase, Valdez, Garcia, and Trivino off waivers, often before they were announced to be the closer officially, all because of this thread
  5. Do you have any examples of a 280 average with 30% K rate? I feel like the closest would be Franmil’s season where he hit 275 but even that seems like a rare outcome
  6. This page has just turned into a “who is older than 30 and struggling” page the only real people that fit this page this season are Harvey and Bumgarner imho
  7. It’s not “terrible” but even in that small improved sample size, he has near a 30% K rate. I’m not sure how many people play in standard leagues but even the best hitters on the planet can’t sustain a high AVG with that kind of strikeout potential (see: Acuna last year)
  8. I mean he just faced live hitting and the manager said he had a chance to be back literally today. So I’d expect soon...
  9. Yeah that’s fair 👍 . I mean I guess I should have qualified with “if you can” because I think some people’s opinion of him are so high that they’d pull the trigger. If my leagues are any indication at least lol they think he’s the next coming of Christ 😂
  10. I disagree. The fact that people have him on Cole/Degrom level-ish right now is why I would sell. He has amazing pure stuff but nobody can keep this rate up. And that’s not even taking into account the injury risk. I genuinely think you could get a top 10–15 bat for him because people value him so highly, which is what I’d be doing if I was an owner
  11. Sell high on Burnes if people will give you SP5 value on him. His value might never be as high as this, and remember he has an injury history and is on an innings limit
  12. I mean I don’t really care whether he pitches 4 incredible innings out of “relief” or “start” at this point. I just like him “starting” because it gives him potential to go as long as he’s rolling
  13. It may be a piggyback situation, with Gray going 4-5 and antone finishinf it off
  14. I think it’s fine to gauge interest in a hypothetical trade? Usually when I do this I say “in theory, and I’m still not sure I would 100% pull the trigger, would you do X for Y” to preface it though
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