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  1. In terms of where he goes? Or what he's worth? I think I'd put him top 20. As of today he is #1 in FIP, #9 in xFIP, #25 in K/BB, #3 in K/9 among starters....so he's legit and I think there's going to be a lot of hype surrounding him next season. What keeps me from putting him in the top fifteen is that I think there will be established guys coming back next season that people will take over him such as sale, syndergaard, Verlander etc, or guys who maybe didn't perform quite as well this season but have a longer track record.
  2. Been taking notes from Bryant Rizzo and Baez I guess.
  3. Where do we think his ADP is next season?
  4. What is up with this team's conditioning? Do you think it's luck of the draw that they got a bunch of guys who happen to lack durability? Or is it systemic? It's not even like it's the occasional DL stint and guys come back. Guys go on the DL and then stay there for huge spans of time a la Stanton last year and Judge this year. Alternatively, do you think they're bubble wrapping guys like Judge that they think aren't durable and saving them for the playoffs kind of like "load management" for kawhi leanord in the NBA?
  5. Didn't see a 2020 thread so starting one. Guys got some pop. Hit 13 homers in 154 PA last year, and so far he's off to 2 homers in 24 with a .308 BA. Anything to see here? He's never been a guy on my radar but the production per plate appearance looks tasty.
  6. Decided to ride the bull. Fingers crossed.
  7. Would probably be my #2 pick behind trout in next year's draft as of today.
  8. Love love love this guy. He's dirt cheap and upside is that he provides you balanced production with a good amount of steals. I think the shortened season could be a benefit to him and on the downside if he gets hurt then he's an easy decision to drop.
  9. Debating whether a guy on a 40 HR pace is droppable...God what a time to be alive
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