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  1. I traded him back when he was pitching like garbage
  2. Another excellent game for "Trash Can" Votto. Stared at 3 straight strikes to end the game. This bum really can't just put together a consistent year, can he?
  3. He's 28 so he isn't exactly a young stud. He's also pitched over 100 MLB innings once in that span, all as a SP...
  4. I mean, he isn't. ERA close to 4 last year in his "breakout year."
  5. He does not have a career 3.19 ERA. That is factually false.
  6. Guy can't throw strikes. Couldn't in the minors either.
  7. Paxton isn't great when healthy, and is never healthy. Hard pass.
  8. My outlook is that he'll hit .220-.240 and strikeout 300 times. Dude is washed at 23.
  9. He pretty much just sucks. Pathetic WHIP last year, can't throw strikes. Bum.
  10. Scott Schebler will be owned in over 80% of ESPN leagues at year's end.
  11. Swanson will be average to below average in 17. Book it.
  12. If the Reds' offense ahead of him (namely, Peraza and Hamilton) shows the same improvements this year they did in the second half last year, he's a lock for 100 RBI. He's a monster with RISP. Hard to drive in 100 when you're batting behind scrubs like Ivan DeJesus Jr and Hernan Iribraren for a good chunk of the year (and even the players worthy of being in the MLB he hit behind like Zack Cozart and Suarez still had paltry OBPs.) I'm honestly impressed he got to 97.
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