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  1. Yeah, that's what I was thinking of trying to do, lets hope injuries don't play too much of a role in these guys careers
  2. Yeah, and wouldn't surprise me a bit if Soto gets sent back down once the nats get healthy, at least until September. Long term, who knows, hopefully they both pan out and we can make the comparison for years to come
  3. you know the league better than us so you know the odds of getting a better add later in the year. I don't see Longo as a game changer for you but he should be a top 150 guy from here forward
  4. its hard for us to see the mind of the other owner, odds are altuve is the most untouchable guy on his roster so you will have to overpay by more than you want imo. If I'm the altuve owner I'm going to want one of your top 3 guys, a mixture of dozier and parts wouldn't get me even interested. But all you can do is start sending offers and see what kind of feedback he gives you.
  5. this one is tough, depends on which 2b you believe in most I guess. You SP is fine but adding an ace like Nola for Pham is great, especially since you have Yelich and and Pollock to plug in the OF. I think I make that trade though
  6. Id probably keep the claim, not a huge fan of Longo ROS, but like you said its a deep league with deep rosters. So for example, who is the next couple best available hitters on the WW?
  7. So, this is basically just an opinion answer as its way too early to try and judge these teenagers. But who do you got for ROS and then who do you think will have more value for the next decade. I'm thinking of trying to flip Soto for Acuna in a keeper league as the owner is a little down with injuries and I think if we are selling Soto he might be at peak value for 2018(not long term). Both have equal value as far as how they are kept. Interested to see others opinions. Thanks
  8. Yeah Fulmer isn't worth holding in a 10 teamer
  9. Keep Rizzo, Id be tempted to shop Goldy for Degrom though and see if he will bite, Goldy aint worth 2 keepers
  10. Id try to do it straight up, no reason to throw in Soroka
  11. yeah, snell could end up being the best one of the bunch anyways and you get Dee
  12. I always like getting the best player in the deal but this one comes with question marks for sure. I think Id keep the 2 healthier guys. Leaves you with a couple big gaps in your lineup at 1b especially if you trade them
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