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  1. Which is fair, and if that's the case I wanted to see some recent examples of pitchers who were walking 4+ all the time in the minors but figured it out later like you noted.
  2. Agree - who is the "never had control in the minors but figured it out in mlb" poster child? I know Randy Johnson figured it out around age 29, but what about more modern? Giolito maybe but he had shown some signs in the minors too.
  3. I have both Acuna and Moncada in my keeper league so I'm Acuna Moncada And I'll be wearing My Hakuna Matata shirt to the live auction No worries.
  4. Long time league in search of 1 owner for a 12 team AL Only. Live draft on Sat March 28. $250 entry fee. Standard 5x5 Roto
  5. On the bright side, at least it would be quieter when he's pitching in Houston.
  6. I don't pretend to know what she's concerned about but yes, the 2019 shoulder problem popped up after a slider. And this year he's feeling forearm tightness on changeups
  7. I think the first sentence is a 2019 reference and the second sentence is a 2020 reference? That's the only way I can make sense of it.
  8. You are close - it is points based but not H2H. So a W is worth... say 4 points and an inning pitched is worth .. 2 and an ER is worth -2. Add them up and take your best player who played that week. Add up all the weeks at the end of the year and you have your winner.
  9. This is funny in a fantasy sports forum. We're all a bunch of gambling degenerates.
  10. Good analysis. I think there's some merit to the discussion that it's not only the 1st inning that matters since, at least in theory, if he's in the 2 hole, the leadoff hitter likely has a higher OBP than the 9 hole hitter. But that may also boil down to seemingly negligible.
  11. When you reference the points values, it would be useful to also reference replacement level bats. So 550+ is a tier you are focusing on, but how does that compare to a player you could have for "free" off waivers? You noted that 25% of the players in the 500-650 range could be had as free agents. So that may suggest that replacement level is around 500 points? Hard to tell. And then how does that compare to pitchers? Where is their replacement value and where are the aces? And can you swap pitchers in and out on a daily basis? If so then the pitcher spot is really a combination
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