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  1. Whats so bad about feliz? 2.9 fip 11k/9 ??
  2. Does anyone know where to find stats like SwStr %, hard hit %, LD%, or O-zone%, or Avg FB velocity for Minor leaguers? Fangraphs doesn’t have it
  3. What about his defense? Will that prevent him?
  4. Just promoted to AAA. 39 K in 28 ip at AA, and 2.25 ERA. He might be pushing for a 2018 position in the Yanks Rotation!
  5. Here's the guy that will win you the fantasy playoffs!! Haha mabe, mabe not. Here's what I see, excellent periphs (20% hard hit, 11 swstr% 2.8 era) only issue is if he sticks and he has to get stretched out as hes been in long relief. Anything to see here guys? Twins are also contending. I snagged him in my 20 teamer. First start of year 6 ip 1 er. Also, velocity is up almost 1 mph from last year. 90.5 this yr and last season 89.5
  6. Whats there to worry about? A little hamstring tightness? One week or less and he should be fine.
  7. Chap is injured, not too worried. He's the closer
  8. Could be hyperextension which isnt that bad. I've had it and it feels terrible at the time, but then it gets better. It's wishful thinking but its possible.
  9. Tbh its probably also about his defense. I haven't looked recently but I think defensively hes a pretty big liability. So if he is also struggling to hit then he really hurts them. I feel counsell is being unfair to him, but i'm just a sideline dictator.
  10. Hits are coming be patient. 36% hard hit and only 9.5 sw str%. That's a recipe for a great avg.
  11. Only issue I see is sw str% around 15/16. That's very high. But he also crushes the ball 43% hard hit. If he can make more contact ???.
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