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  1. Wtf...he’s not even starting. Dwayne Casey you sir are a moron!!
  2. Idiot coach plays Markief Morris more but screw it I picked up Christian. LETS GO!!!!
  3. Now he’s not even playing the 4th god damn it!!!!!!
  4. Minutes limit is lifted and only plays 8 minutes man I sure hate Pop. Sorry I’m also going against Kevin Love so it’s a double kick to the nuts!
  5. Starting over tyus in the 2nd half and severely out playing him. If you have Tyus make the switch!
  6. I originally picked up Corey Joseph than changed my mind and went with BB. Thank god I did!
  7. First I picked up Joseph then realized BB was still available. Let’s go!!
  8. I cut paschal for Burks too many 0’s for paschal in the stay category. Please tell me I made the right move
  9. Urias starting and tony gonsolin bulking for the dodgers. Deadly matchup at Coors though
  10. On the Mlb ticker it says Cole is starting for angels and millone starting for Mariners. What’s going on?
  11. Or are there any potential bulks today? I’m kind of desperate lol
  12. Pena is not bulking today damn that sucks. Any word on Milone?
  13. Starting lineup should be rondo Kuz, bron BI and javale
  14. In his last three starts Tyus is averagin 13.7 points and 9 assists. Wish they would announce Teague is getting shut down!
  15. Agree he was bad tonight but still got 33 minutes. I'm holding for awhile!
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