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  1. Definitely a JAG. And with Jax lining up for a TLaw pick...things will change a lot in 2021. Days of 20 mediocre touches for Jplod and a short plow into the EZ are likely over.
  2. Nailed it Pred. Many teams seem to forget that the simplest path to victory is to find an advantage and exploit it over and again until the opponent is forced to drastically change defensive tactics. Then you work those 1on1 wr matchups. gotta be excited for JTs future. The endless stream of doubters who confused talented with familiarity in the system and opportunity can crawl back in the hole of shame. 👀
  3. And the injuries. Including a serious neck injury that almost ended his career. Lost most of his junior and senior seasons. There were brilliant moments though- where you could see his potential for greatness. Not overly worried about the drops...it’s a concentration issue more than anything. Top 5 or 10 wr for the next decade
  4. you’re talking about a guy who had thrown 10 nfl passes in his career prior to last week. It’s going to take some time for the inconsistencies from game to game to settle down. He had one really promising performance- and one not so great- albeit in a weird game where they dominated just by running and not turning the ball over. The latter isn’t something you can take for granted with the Saints other qb option. give it time
  5. 💯 You don’t want AB near ANY of your talented, impressionable young wrs. Lockett is the perfect partner for DK in Seattle. He’s got his head on straight and there’s no infighting over targets or role.
  6. you guys LOL Robinson spends most his time catching wide open designed passes and blasting runs into the back of his linemen. I saw it repeatedly this week again. He has his linemen to thank on the td that was pushed into the EZ. He’s a solid player but it’s no different than Leo last season. Finished as rb7 I believe. It’s a volume based, productive role. When I watch a guy like Rojo or Dobbins vs Robinson— there’s no comparison. Enjoy the season JRob owners. He will be a timeshare back soon enough.
  7. Explosion, tackle breaking, vision all jump off the page. Bench em Bruce is the only thing holding him back. Ceiling is too good to ever come out of my flex spot.
  8. volume regardless of score is a winning recipe for any backup level talent. Robinson is no different
  9. Yep- Partly out of desperation, but partly because Denver had a moment of reckoning last week and Vic laid down the law on Shurmur. This is a running and short passing team ROS
  10. i don’t need to “watch out”- and neither do your opponents. He’s a mediocre flex start for ppr- and it’s nice that u got him cheap. You’re hoping for a bunch of 9/50 and a blow up if he actually catches a deep ball. Fine fine. Big Ben is the reason this little guy was ever a thing. Look at what he does with every wr.
  11. so it’s either an easy opponent that the Bucs can run over....or 40+ passes resulting in less than 60 yards for Antonio Landry. And around we go- where the spin stops no one knows....
  12. That’s.....not good for their “deep threat” who looks more like Jarvis Landry. you guys are going to be waiting all the way into the off-season
  13. best player at any position for NO in playoffs last year. let’s see more before assuming he can’t play.
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