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  1. How much to join? And about when do you see the draft starting?
  2. Couch Managers is what I've used for years to run slow drafts.
  3. I joined. Where do I go to pay? And what time will the draft begin?
  4. If a spot opens up or you decide to add extra teams, let me know.
  5. How many teams are in now? And I believe it's Roto, right? If so, you don't need an even number I dont think.
  6. What I mean is I see that there is FAAB for waiver wire players. But is the league Continuous Waivers where all players on the waiver wire are on waivers at all times and can only be added via FAAB ? Or are there free agents (players not on waivers) that can just be added at any time
  7. Are there free for all pickups for players who aren't on waivers?
  8. Well part of my decision to join would be based around what the payout was. I"m assuming the scoring categories are already fixed and not changing. Is that right? I only ask because of Wins & Batting average plus combining Holds & Saves into 1 category. But if you're already decided on the categories, then that's fine. I just would need to know what the payout was like before deciding since the categories aren't ideal to my liking
  9. Is there a payout structure ? And when would the draft be ?
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