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  1. Nothing like seeing this a$$clown go 1/3 of an inning, pitch to a 162 ERA and a 24 WHIP and he's smiling and nodding his head on the bench.
  2. I'm drafting on Sunday and I want to just use an ADP site for my rankings. I've narrowed it down to NFC or Fantasy Football Calculator. Which one do you guys use????
  3. I laughed that AB wore a winter hat during the episode after missing time with frostbite on his feet.
  4. I'm wondering: Did I read somewhere that he got frostbite because his feet weren't properly prepared (They were wet or something) when they entered the machine? Did he do the therapy himself?
  5. I live 5 minutes from Giants stadium. Is it wrong that I'm hoping he doesn't play well tonight? I don't want him waking up Giants fans!!!
  6. AB and Fournette hold the distinction of being the two guys that if you had them on your team last year you DO NOT want them back again this year....LOL!!!!
  7. Print out ESPN ADP and draft highest player the first two rounds. Then start planning positions. Also agree with poofinger….beers.....and laughs with friends. Enjoy the day. It's the best day of the year. Nothing's blown up on your team yet.
  8. A lot of guys to take care of in Cleveland. Helps Mayfield's draft value and hurts the rest?
  9. Was he going to play in the preseason? He was hurt in 2017 in a preseason game.
  10. This is the guy I thought I drafted in March.
  11. Anyone else think this is all just played up for Hard Knocks?
  12. Just took one off the hand attempting to bunt and left the game....ugh!!!!
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