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  1. When he was playing like trash, this thread was always in the 1st page. Now that he is BALLIN, no one says a word. I'm just thankful for having him on my team 🙏
  2. Terrible news. Only a Horford trade can save the day
  3. Added him in my 18-team, especially because my SGA is out for God knows how much time.
  4. In my 18-team league, dropped PJ Tucker on sunday for him, right before the game vs Memphis. Played out well so far, especially last night
  5. Betting on McGee or Drummond out of Cleveland.
  6. Another great line. Will he really keep this up? Turning doubters into believers now.
  7. I think Allen is better and will get more minutes than Drummond down the road. But the Cavs got the biggest W on the trade. They got a good C for the next 10 years. Just a matter of time for him to get the starting job.
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